"Ordinary jokes"/ Kristi insults English, Antoneta revolts: Tell me in Albanian that you are not in Belgium

2023-03-20 20:52:48Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Qetsori, Antoneta and Kristi

There was a fierce debate between Antoneta and Kristi and the reason was some words used by the latter.

While Kristi was talking to Louise, Antonetta interrupted the conversation by asking something about Kristi, but it seems that Antonetta's intervention did not please Kristi at all.

He used a phrase in the English language "who the fuck is this gay". This joke on his part irritated Antoneta, who called him uneducated and asked him to tell her that joke in Albanian.

Kristi asked him to refrain and told him that he cannot be a factor at home in this form.


Kristi: O Antoneta, what did you see?

Antoneta: I told him why he is asking Kristi to apologize.

Kristi: If I was outside I would say 'who the fuck is this gay?'

Antoneta: Are you serious about this? Does this seem normal to you? You seem like a great thing here, calm down you're making ordinary jokes. What are these expressions?

Kristi: I made a joke.

Antoneta: Tell me in Albanian that you are not in Belgium.

The conversation continues between them again:

Kristi: It wasn't a rant to you.

Antoneta: Don't waste energy trying to make me a factor.

Kristi: I say the phrase that McGregor said, who said 'who the fuck is this', where did you come from?

Antoneta: Your perfection is far from perfect, thank goodness I'm not part of your perfection. I don't even want to be near him, uneducated person, you think you are an example of Albania, continue to be a model, you are a super model, you are about other things.

Kristi: Except for you, everyone understood, even Luizi laughs. He would be the first to speak.