Vucic asks Russia for help for "Srebrenica", Moscow: Tensions will increase in the Balkans

2024-04-23 11:15:47Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Alexander Vucic

After the session at the Security Council, where once again he tried to portray Serbia as a victim of what he calls the injustice of the authorities in Pristina, President Aleksandar Vucic asked for the support of his main ally at the UN, Russia.

Serbian media report that the head of the Serbian state discussed with the ambassador of Moscow in this organization, Vasili Nebenzia, about the current challenges that his country is facing, due to the imposition of the Srebrenica resolution.

Nebenzia described the resolution that is expected to be voted on at the UN as a political brainstorm, the purpose of which is not inter-ethnic reconciliation but the increase of tensions in the Western Balkans. 

"We talked about the draft resolution adopted by Germany and some other countries, about the genocide in Srebrenica. They are presenting it as something with good intentions. But we all know that it is a political trick that has no goal of reconciliation inter-ethnic but something completely opposite. It could increase tensions in the Balkans and have consequences that the proponents of the resolution might not have imagined."

Nebenzja stressed that Russia will not support the draft resolution, as many UN member countries will.

According to him, it would open Pandora's box, and pave the way for other countries with similar problems to act in the same way.

He said that Germany, for example, should not be surprised if Russia came up with a resolution on genocide against the people of the Soviet Union during World War II.

At the security council hearing for Kosovo, the Russian Ambassador supported Vucic's claims by accusing what he called the interim authorities in Pristina of ethnic violence.