SHOCKING/ The moment when the kamikaze blows himself up in Turkey

2023-10-01 13:08:06Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Footage from the terrorist attack

Turkey has described the incident that happened this Sunday morning in front of the Ministry of Interior building, where one person blew himself up and another was neutralized by the security forces, as a terrorist attack.

Regarding the attack that took place in the Çankya neighborhood of Ankara, where the Turkish Parliament is also located, Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya shared details on social networks, clarifying that there was an exchange of fire with the two terrorists.

"Around 09:30, two terrorists who came in a vehicle in front of the entrance gate of the General Directorate of Security of our Ministry of Internal Affairs, carried out a bomb attack. One of the terrorists blew himself up and the other terrorist was neutralized. Two policemen were slightly injured during the fire. I wish our heroes a speedy recovery. Our fight will continue unabated until the last terrorist is neutralized," Yerlikaya said.

After the incident, entrances and exits to the Parliament were temporarily banned, while Ankara's Chief Public Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation.

According to Turkish media, one of the terrorists carried out an attack with a long-range weapon and then blew himself up. The other also shot with the same type of weapon but was neutralized by the security guards.

It is learned that the neutralized terrorist is equipped with a bomb, which will be deactivated to explode in a controlled manner by the Turkish police engineers.

"Necessary security measures will be taken in relation to suspicious incidents around the Ministry of the Interior and the General Directorate of Security, and a controlled explosion will be carried out to dispose of the bombs by our teams. Citizens are informed not to panic", says a statement of the General Directorate of Security of Ankara.

Meanwhile, it has been established that the two terrorists stole the vehicle they used for the attack in the village of Çataloluk of Kayseri province, from veterinarian Mikail Bozla?an. Turkish media reports that the two terrorists blocked the vet's path, killed him by shooting him in the head and then dragged him to throw him in a canal.
Mikail worked as a veterinarian in the town of Bak?rda??, which is located 7 kilometers from the place where the incident happened.

Speaking to SABAH, the village head of Çataloluk ?smail Y?ld?r?m stated that the incident happened around 20:30 on Saturday evening.

"The terrorists stopped the vehicle of veterinarian Mikail Bozla?an near the village of Avla?a. They killed Mikail and stole his vehicle, leaving him for dead in a roadside ditch. The father found his son's body following the trail of blood on the road," he said.

Y?ld?r?m stated that their village is very close to the Demi Mountains on the border of Adana.
"We looked for Mikail's vehicle in the forest, but we didn't find it. The terrorists came on foot from the forest area. From the cameras of our village, it was seen that Mikail's vehicle entered but did not leave. The terrorists went off the road to avoid being caught by the cameras. Our village is a wooded and mountainous area at the bottom of the Demi Mountains," he added.