LATEST NEWS/ Turkey is shocked, terrorist attack near the parliament, several dead

2023-10-01 10:09:27Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

A powerful explosion was heard this morning in Ankara, near the Turkish parliament, which would then begin meetings for the new parliamentary mandate, according to the AFP correspondent.

Turkey's Interior Ministry says the explosion in the capital is a "terrorist attack". The minister says that a kamikaze detonated an explosive device in the Turkish capital, killing 2 policemen, while the kamikaze and another attacker also died.

Specifically, the Minister of the Interior, Ali Gerlikaya, in a statement on his account on social networks, says: "Around 09:30 a bomb attack occurred by two terrorists who came in a vehicle in front of the entrance gate of the Directorate of General Security and Ministry of Interior. One of the terrorists blew himself up and the other terrorist was neutralized. Two policemen lost their lives during the fire. Another member of ours is slightly injured. I wish our heroes a speedy recovery. "The war will continue unabated until the last terrorist is neutralized," he said.

Several police vehicles and ambulances went to the scene. After the panic, traffic on some roads has been stopped and the sounds of ambulances rushing towards the area can be heard.

According to CNN TURK, the explosion happened in a gray vehicle. It is also known that gunshots were heard after the explosion.