"They took the girl for 3 weeks and threw her out of the window", the testimony of the survivors of the Serbian massacres in Rugova

2023-01-29 15:29:02Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Fatmira Berisha

It has been 24 years since the massacre that took place in the village of Rogovë t Hasi, where the fighters of the Kosovo Liberation Army were ambushed, but not even many civilians of the village were spared. On January 27, 28 and 29, 1999, 21 people were martyred in this village.

Fatmire Berisha, a survivor of this massacre, told KosovaPress about the horror she experienced.

While telling her experience and the loss of her uncle during the massacre, she says with tears in her eyes that one of the most difficult moments in her entire life was when the Serbian forces took her three-week-old daughter to throw her out of the window.

"On that day, I was in the massacre here with my three-week-old daughter. We were asleep and from there she went shopping, they told her come on, sent the soldiers. He took them, he sent them, we took them to the bazaar with the boys, but not even 20 minutes had passed and the nation returned, we thought that the bazaar was not being held because it was snowing, but when we saw a villager driving the nation with soldiers, we were surprised and he told us we are with soldiers.

After 10 minutes, the Serbian forces entered with the police, and they beat him, broke his hands and teeth, tied him up and we have no more days. They hunted as much as they could, they caught my three-week-old daughter in the cradle with the whole cradle and threw it against the window, and my mother told her 'don't be a child' and let her go. The Serbs didn't stop saying 'except let's kill everyone here because it's the army', and one said 'don't think we were all women and children but the men were in the Bazaar'. We are left with that sadness and every time this day comes, it seems to me that it happened today", Berisha confesses between tears.

Even Zarife Morina, who lost her three sons and her husband in this massacre, tells the last moment she had with her family.

"I have lost four family members, my husband and three sons. It is very boring. There has never been a day like today, nor will there ever be, except God bless their blood, they fell for the land of Kosovo, they gave their souls and they know what they went for.

The last moment with them was very difficult, during the last conversation they said, the three of us want to become soldiers and give our lives for freedom, and win our country. I said you are young and they insisted that it is nothing, we are all here to save Kosovo from the Serbs", says Morina.

In Rogovë i Hasi, 24 years ago, the following gave their lives: Agim Zeneli, Luan Smajli, Agron and Sejdi Rama, Pren and Meme Lleshi, Agush Gjoci, Valon Gashi, Bahtjar Morina, Daut Kelmendi, Emrush Çeta, Kasim Shala, Hamdi Berisha, Gezim Ademi, Haxhi Lypjani, Gasper Karaçi, Ilir Merturi, Naim Gashi, Naim Dreshaj, Sahit Krasniqi and Vesel Avdyli. /KP