Vilat e Ahmetaj / How the companies in Green Coast and Valamar tried to hide the evidence

2023-08-02 12:38:25Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Arben Ahmetaj and his villa in Hamallaj

The companies Balfin Group, Mane TCI and Green Coast are implicated not only in the money laundering of the former Deputy Prime Minister, Arben Ahmetaj, with the two villas in Palasa and Valamar, but are also involved in actions that prevent the discovery of the truth.

According to the SPAK file, on March 8, 2023, the investigators of the National Bureau of Investigation went to exercise control in the villa with number 73 in the Green Coast complex in Palasa.

The investigators have contacted the administrator Martin Gega. The latter has placed employee Klaudia Sinanaj at their disposal. For her part, Klaudia Sinanaj has placed at the disposal of the investigators a document showing that villa 73 was owned by the company 'Inerte Express', owned by the citizen Mond Bega.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the employee near Green Coast, Ervisa Maçovila, has made available to the investigators a document showing that villa no. 73 was owned by Albina Mançka, the ex-wife of Arben Ahmetaj.

Since there were two different documents for the same villa, the investigators ask the two employees Klaudia Sinanaj and Ervisa Maçovila not to do anything on their computers, as investigative actions would be carried out.

The employee of Green Coast, Klaudia Sinanaj, in a panic, suggested to her colleague, Ervisa, to delete from the computer the document that showed that the villa belonged to Albina Mançka, hindering the investigations and with the aim of saving Albina Mançka and Arbe Ahmetaj from criminal responsibility . Also, the employee Erisa Maçovila turned off the computer, telling them that the computer was private.

SPAK also interrogated the administrator Martin Gega, who lied to the investigators by hiding the real owner, Albina Mançka, and brought Mond Bega to the stage. The investigation of Martin Gegë's phone revealed his contacts with Albina Mançka, as the owner of villa 73.

With these moves, the employees directly implicate the Green Coast company and have acted for the interests of this company, since they themselves had no personal reason to destroy the evidence that showed that Albina Mançka and Arben Ahmetaj were the owners of villa 73, which SPAK accuses of being created with corruption money.

In addition, in the SPAK file it is also revealed that the companies made fictitious contracts to cover Arben Ahmetaj's other villa in Valamar.


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