How did Anton Gjini get the "Garden Residence Turdiu" project from Kastrati, seized by SPAK

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Anton Gjini

1 year before he was arrested for drug trafficking in Montenegro, after a sentence in Spain, Anton Gjini, also known as Pashuk, was involved in the transaction of the purchase of the project of a giant residence near the Aviation Field in Tirana, called "Garden Residence Turdiu".

The residence includes 3 massive buildings, several tens of thousands of square meters of construction area. He would pay for this project 1 million euros to the company "Kastrati" sh.a.

How did Anton Gjini get the "Garden Residence Turdiu" project from
In the photo: "Garden Residence Turdiu" building

On February 21, 2019, the company "Kastrati" sh.a establishes the company "Garden Residence Turdiu" LLC. Its headquarters was registered on Durrës street, "the area of ??the former aviation field".

It would carry out the investment in phase III and IV of the works/constructions in order to develop, build, manage and sell a multifunctional building with parking lots, shops, offices and apartments, as a Project of the Company "Kastrati" JSC and "AK" shpk .

At that time, as it appears in the act of establishment of the company, seen by, "Kastrati" had not yet received the construction permit.

How did Anton Gjini get the "Garden Residence Turdiu" project from
In the photo: The deed of establishment of the company "Garden Residence Turdiu"

The company created by "Kastrati" had an initial capital of 1 million ALL, or 10 thousand euros, and "Kastrati" owned 100% of the shares.

Klaudia Gjini, daughter of Anton Gjini, is appointed administrator of the company for a period of 5 years.

How did Anton Gjini get the "Garden Residence Turdiu" project from
Gjin's daughter, Kastrati administrator

A year and a half later, after receiving the construction permit for the construction of the multifunctional complex, "Kastrati" decides to sell the project to Anton Gjin.

How did Anton Gjini get the "Garden Residence Turdiu" project from
In the picture: The deed of sale of the project

On September 29, 2020, with a notarial deed signed in Kamzë, the company "Kastrati Group" transfers the ownership of "Garden Residence Turdiu" to the company "Alesio 2014", which is owned by the administrator appointed by "Kastrati" in " Garden Residence Turdiu".

The actions are legal, but they create doubts that, from the moment when "Garden Residence Turdiu" was established, Anton Gjinaj was behind it, in cooperation with "Kastrati".

The price of the company "Garden Residence Turdiu", after receiving the construction permit from "Kastrati" and paying the infrastructure impact tax, is 1 million euros.

How did Anton Gjini get the "Garden Residence Turdiu" project from
In the picture: The sale value of the project

In addition, "Alesio 2014" will transfer to the company "AK" shpk, with sole owner Astrit Kuqin, 1,436 square meters of construction, which coincides with the fourth floor of "Building E" of the complex.


Pashuk Gjini was sentenced in February 2010 by the court of Alicante in Spain to 12 years in prison together with the citizen Sulejman Shkalla, the brother of the former head of the prosecution of Tirana, Petrit Fusha. The sentence was later reduced to 9 years.

They had trafficked heroin worth 1.9 million euros from the Netherlands. The drugs arrived in Spain in June 2006, divided into 100 packages, hidden in the tires of a truck that was parked at a mechanic's workshop in Torrevieja.

Two Dutch citizens and a Spaniard were sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Pashuk Gjini escaped. He returned to Albania and assumed a new identity, with the name Anton.

Since then he entered the construction business, taking on large construction projects and also benefiting from numerous public tenders.

How did Anton Gjini get the "Garden Residence Turdiu" project from

PUBLIC TENDERS (Extract taken from BIRN)

In 2014, four years after escaping a prison sentence in Spain, he founded his first business in Albania – Alesio 2014 – and expanded from concrete into high-end residential construction, plasterboard manufacturing and mining. .

Business "Alesio 2014"
Until 2020, Gjini had six companies in his (other) name, one of which, Foralb Alabaster, was part of the ownership of the Albanian Ministry of Economy. Another one, Turdiu Residence Garden, is located behind a large residential and commercial complex under construction, in one of the most frequented entrances of Tirana.

According to the Register of Businesses in Albania, Garden Residence Turdiu was founded in 2019 by Kastrati, one of the largest business groups in the country, and was managed by Gjin's daughter, Klaudia. In September 2020, Alesio 2014 of Gjini bought the company for one million euros.

Alesio 2014 has a good relationship with the state, winning a series of public tenders for the construction of schools and roads. In 2020, following a powerful earthquake that hit Albania in November 2019, Alesio 2014 was part of a number of consortia that received five public reconstruction contracts with a total value of 1.5 billion lek, approximately 12.9 million euros, according to data from the Agency of Public Procurement.

In April of last year, however, Gjini's past "smashed in his face" when he was arrested by the police in Montenegro on his way in from Albania. / Prepared