Fushë Kruja, the manor of Rrahman Rraja: the MP's tribe 'makes the law'

2023-07-07 18:16:00Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
(Right) Deputy Rrahman Rraja, his brother Flamur Rraja (on the left) and the moment when he points the pistol at the citizen Bilbil Maja who was beaten

If you search the internet for the CV of Rrahman Rraja, the socialist deputy of Kruja, whose name is being thrown around in the media and public today for an event he himself is not directly connected to, you will see a single-page variant. .

The deputy's biography shows that from 2000 until today he has been in power in Kruja in one form or another. He started as the chairman of the Nikla municipality council in 2000 and three years later he was elected chairman of the municipality itself. He held this post until 2015 and two years later he was catapulted to the Parliament of Albania.

However, in 23 years in power, Rrahman Rraja is not remembered either for his speeches in the Assembly, or for the investments he made in Nikël. He will be remembered for the deeds of his brothers, sons and grandsons.

The deeds are not few, they start from accusations of fines, violence in the case of Xisiela, murders for hire, up to the last case of barbaric rape with baseball bats and pistols against the two brothers Jashar and Bilbil Maja in the middle of the day.

This is the list of crimes of the Rraja tribe. Their geography extends from Nikla to Durrës and Tirana, but they all originate from the power of Rrahman Rraja, who has transformed the area into a fiefdom of his own tribe, where anyone who seeks the right, as in the case of the brothers Maya suffers badly.

The names of almost all the men of the Rraja tribe, from the son of the socialist deputy, Ramazan Rraja, to his brother Xelal Rraja, are mentioned in all these deeds, but the most sensational event involved Redjan Rraja, accused of the assassination of the former - prosecutor Arjan Ndoj in Durrës, where the latter's driver was killed.

Fines against businesses are the first criminal activity of the Rrajas in the area of ??Fushë-Kruja. Although they have been doing this for a relatively long time and for the residents of the area it is a public secret, in front of the authorities the code of silence came into force.

The more Rrahman Rraja was in power, the more empowered his relatives were, who diversified their businesses, where, apart from the suspicions of involvement in drug trafficking, they also entered into the one of the quarries in Borizana. For years, it is suspected that they have exercised this activity without any license, and they used part of the large income provided to silence the residents of the area who poisoned them with their activity, as well as the authorities.

For those where buying with money did not work, as in the case of the Mayan brothers, the tribe was recruited to convince them with blackmail, threats and violence.

In all these crimes, Rrahman Rraja himself has the greatest involvement in the case of Xisiela Maloku, when a former police officer denounced his son, Ramazan Rraja, for threatening him in the office together with Redjan Rraja.

Former officer Emiljano Nuhu reported to the Tirana police that Redjan and Ramazan Rraja told him textually: "We will dissolve the entire police station and we have nothing for you. We will exterminate you and your family, if you call someone from our tribe to interrogate him. We will exterminate you and your family in 24 hours if you continue to deal with us and we will never see you again in Fushë Krujë. We make the law in Fushë Krujë, not you".

And the Rajas were right! They made the law in Fushë Krujë. Emiljano Nuhu left office and left the country with his family, gaining asylum in a European country, while the Rrajas continued to make the law thanks to Rrahman Rraja, who even after all these feats was re-elected deputy in the April 2021 elections.

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