"FUSHA Shpk" receives the maintenance of "Skenderbej Square", 1.08 million euros in the "pocket" of the company!

2023-06-06 13:58:41Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The municipality of Tirana 3 years ago decided that the maintenance and management of Skënderbej square will be done by private companies.

Directorate No. 2 of Workers of the City of Tirana opened the procedure for management and maintenance with a limit fund of over 133 million ALL or about 1.08 million euros .

As can be seen in the following documents, the Municipality of Tirana has announced the company " Fusha shpk " as the winner in the tender for the maintenance of Skënderbej square for a period of 3 years.

"FUSHA Shpk" receives the maintenance of "Skenderbej

In the meantime, all operators from the 4 that competed were disqualified, except for ' Fusha shpk' , this tender was announced with a red flag due to 'Disqualification of all competing operators except the winner'.

"FUSHA Shpk" receives the maintenance of "Skenderbej

In the published document, the tender to transfer the maintenance of Skënderbej square to the private sector was announced on April 18 .

In the announced procedure, the private party will clean the tiles of the square daily on an area that is calculated to be around 26 thousand square meters .

"The general cleaning that will be done to the square is the cleaning that will be done every day. This cleaning is not a special technique but is simply a cleaning with a broom by designated workers which includes all the spaces of Skanderbeg Square and will happen once a day with the aim of removing most of the dirt that is created from the users and passers-by of the square" the document states.

This contract also provides for the cleaning of the surrounding elements, the cleaning of joints and natural stones once every 6 months , the maintenance of lighting and the replacement of tiles when they are damaged.

Fusha Company will do the management and maintenance for a period of 36 months in exchange for the payment of 1 million euros .

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