Scandali / Kastrati e Sallillari are paid three times for the same job

2023-06-01 16:51:23Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Oligarchs Shefqet Kastrati and Pëllumb Salillari

The oligarchs Shefqet Kastrati and Pëllumb Salillari take several times money from the pockets of Albanian citizens for carrying out work in the Nation Road concession.

The first route is through the famous beam located in Kalimash, where Albanians from Albania and Kosovo pay a minimum of 5 euros for each crossing. According to the balance sheets submitted by the concessionaire itself, the income from the transit tickets alone ranges from 15 to 20 million euros per year.

The second way is through the contract signed with the Albanian Government, where the concession is partly financed by Kastrati and Salillari and partly by the state budget.

The third way is through tenders received from the Albanian Road Authority. The latter awarded Salillar with 182 million lek, or about 1.7 million euros in a tender where eight other companies participated and where the lowest offer was 99 million lek, or 33 percent lower than Salillar's.

The tender deals with the works to prevent erosion of the road from the Mat river to the ninth kilometer of the National Road, an area up to 200 meters long. This means that the works are part of the maintenance of this road, which was granted with a concession precisely to maintain Kastrati and Salillari with the income they provide from the beam placed on this road.

The contract itself states that the main objective of this concession/PPP for works and services is the improvement of the highway, its effective operation and maintenance. The concessionaire must construct, improve, operate and maintain the highway based on a set of pre-defined performance standards during the 30 year concession/PPP.

The concessionaire's financial performance has exceeded plans since 2019, while Kastrati and Salillari's obligations from this contract are half realized, as in the case of 2019. To reinforce this, the example of the bridge over the Drini River, the construction of which was undertaken by Kastrati e Salillari and which, according to the contract, should have been completed in 2021. Today we are in 2023 and the bridge is far from completion.

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