The former head of SPAK, Arben Kraja, awarded the tender to the company that took Thoma Gëllçin to prison

2023-05-25 20:03:33Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The former director of RTSH, Thoma Gëllçi and the former head of SPAK, Arben Kraja

Arben Kraja allowed the awarding of a tender to the same company, which has been investigated for non-fulfillment of the contract for a tender for respirators awarded during the start of the pandemic. Moreover, the winner was the same company that SPAK investigated and GJKKO then convicted the former director of the Albanian Public Radio and Television, Thoma Gëllçin, on the charge of abuse of office.

It is about the company TBS '96 that was selected in May of last year and without competition for the tender with the object "Services for the maintenance of the surveillance system in the Special Prosecutor's Office" for a period of two years. For the maintenance of the surveillance system, this company has earned 60 million new lek.

Theoretically, in the case of the investigation and punishment of Thoma Gëllçi, even the company that won the tender with a value of 20 million lek more than the lowest offer, should have been under investigation by SPAK. What is certain is that if the company in question was not under investigation in the case of the investigation against the former general director of RTSH, it was sued by the opposition in 2020 for violating a secret contract for supplying hospitals with ventilators in the months the first of the pandemic.

Arben Kraja's responsibility is not directly legal, but rather moral. As the head of SPAK, he did not have in his powers the following procedures, or the evaluation of offers for the tenders organized by the special prosecutor's office.

The direct competence is of the civil administration of the structure. But, according to the special prosecution law, its entire civil structure is accountable to the head of SPAK, who at the time of awarding this tender was Arben Kraja.

With the powers as a leader, Kraja could probably have prevented this tender, which without entering into the debate of its legality leaves a strong stain in the biography of SPAK. It tarnishes the special structure, since on the one hand the company in question has been under investigation for breach of contracts in the tenders, on the other hand it gives the tender itself.

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