Kastrati stole 130 ALL from the citizens only from the exchange rate

2023-06-11 15:53:24Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Shefqet Kastrati and Rruga e Kombit - Photo illustration

Every citizen who pays the toll on the beam located on Rruga e Kombit by Shefqet Kastrati and Pëllumb Salillari, if he pays in lek, he pays more.

The company does not recognize exchange rate fluctuations and operates with fixed fees of 5 euros, or 660 lek, which was a lot in the local currency of the euro conversion at the time the concession was granted.

But today, 5 euros is only 530 lek, which means that citizens who choose to pay in lek lose 130 lek only from the exchange rate applied by Shefqet Kastrati and Pëllumb Salillari on the beam of Rruga e Kombit.

The application of the toll on this highway started on September 17, 2018, despite the opposition that this decision encountered and the violent protests that led to the arrest of several citizens.

The government set a ceiling regarding the prices that citizens must pay according to the category of vehicles or the needy strata, where the only exception was the residents of Kukës who pay 100 new lek for each pass.

The concession is granted for 30 years and the company is given the right to collect and keep the tax revenue and in return to maintain the road and build the big bridge over Lake Fierza.

In 2021, according to the balance sheets submitted by the company of Kastrati and Salillar, the revenue from fees was over 1.7 billion ALL, or about 16 million euros. Despite the big profit, Salillari receives tenders from the Albanian Road Authority for the maintenance of this road, as was the last tender for the protection of the road from the Mati River in its 9th kilometer.

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