The three countries where Ahmetaj allegedly escaped, without an extradition agreement with Albania

2023-07-11 11:32:16Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Arben Ahmetaj at Kakavija customs

The last time Arben Ahmetaj was seen in public in front of the cameras was at the parliamentary session on July 6, where he also took a photo with Rrahman Rraja, a day before the latter resigned from the post of deputy after the scandal where his relative and son two brothers from Borizana e Krujë beat him with baseball bats.

After that, some photos and some news that he has left Albania circulated on the network. According to information provided by from police sources, Ahmetaj left Albania on Friday, July 7.

Coincidentally, or coordinated, on the same day SPAK's request to the Assembly for authorization to arrest him under three charges, including corruption and money laundering, was also signed.

Sources say that Ahmetaj left Albania through the land border with Greece from the crossing point of Kakavija. This is reinforced by a post published by journalist Artan Hoxha that shows Ahmetaj at the counter of this customs in shorts and red sneakers.

However, it is suspected that Greece was not Ahmetaj's final destination, but was used as a transit by him to leave for a third country. It is suspected that Ahmetaj's final destination is one between Dubai, Jordan and Morocco.

In Dubai Ahmetaj is "waited" by an extended community of Albanians wanted by justice for charges ranging from international drug trafficking to paid murders, while in Jordan and Morocco the presence of Albanians is minimal.

What the three countries have in common is that Albania does not have an extradition agreement with any of them. The lack of this agreement has caused names with serious charges on their backs from justice to take refuge in Dubai, from where it is suspected that they continue to direct their activities, mainly in drug trafficking.

There are no such examples from Jordan and Morocco, but again the absence of a bilateral extradition agreement would guarantee Arben Ahmetaj's freedom in case the Assembly authorizes SPAK to handcuff him.


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