Dismissal from Rama / The Director who got the former Minister of the Interior, Bledi Çuçi, into trouble

2023-07-17 11:10:03Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Endri Mullai and Blendi Cuci

Bledi Çuçi ran away from the Interior Minister a few days ago, leaving many question marks about the reasons for his departure.

Although the cause was found to be an ordinary quarrel between the family of the former deputy Rraja and the Maja family in Borizana, in fact, Çuç's departure had been rumored for a long time.

Prime Minister Rama had "taken sight" of his confidant since February after a serious incident that happened in the Ministry of the Interior.

At that time, BKH agents went and arrested in the act the director of the Centralized Purchasing Agency, Endri Mullai.

He was kept under escort for 48 hours, but it took the extra legal intervention of Bledi Çuçi to get his most trusted man in that ministry out of the cell.

The news of the intervention certainly reached the ears of the prime minister, who reacted harshly to Çuçi after the information had come to him from international partners.

Rama decided to go through with the election and his ways with Chuchi were temporarily separated.

This was the reason why Edi Rama chose to dismiss Çuçi and not force him to resign as he had done in other cases.

SPAK and BKH under the pressure of the Minister of the Interior were forced to release Mullai, but kept the phone seized.

His analysis has brought out many other implications of Minister Çuçi regarding the defined tenders developed by the centralized purchasing agency, which is an agency that also buys SPAK and BKH's own equipment.

The reasons for the Mullah's association

Mullai was accompanied by BKH as several criminal reports have been filed against him in SPAK by some private firms that claim that the director had abused the awarding of tenders.

The Special Prosecutor's Office Against Corruption and Organized Crime has officially launched investigations into Endri Mullain, Director of the Centralized Purchasing Agency, formerly Director of Tenders at the Ministry of Agriculture when the department was headed by Bledi Çuçi.

Endri Mullai in the Ministry of the Interior, on May 22, 2022, two months after the announcement of the search for the seizure of his assets, gave Gentian Sharra (who is accused by the repentant justice Nuredin Dumani of murder and involvement in the mega-robbery of Rinas,) 2.5 million Euro tender for the supply of meat, through the entity "Olta Sharra". The subject appears in the name of his wife, who had previously received tenders for other institutions, such as Psychiatry of Elbasan.

Now that the investigation is in progress, let's see what the BKH investigators have discovered on Mullai's phone...

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