Kastrati, 17 million euro profit in a few months from the airport

2023-07-31 15:03:16Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Shefqet Kastrati and Rinas airport - Photo illustration

Shefqet Kastrati has collected 17 million euros from the Rinas airport concession only a few months after establishing the new management company of this concession.

From the financial statements submitted by Kastrati Aviation Holding on July 30 to the National Business Center, the figure is the net profit, which by the decision of June 29 of this year of Shefqet Kastrati has been categorized as 100 percent retained profit. 

The sum has been collected at a time when, throughout the last year, the government has put itself at the service of the oligarch, sometimes through experimentation by making the road of Rinas one-way and then through the construction with the first of the citizens of a new road that fully serves the airport of Kastrati .

Other financial data show that the company has total assets of 6 billion lek, or almost 60 million euros in just 7 months since its creation, at the beginning of December last year.

From the financial balance sheet, the company says that it has lost 2 million lek from the drop in the euro exchange rate, a ridiculous figure considering that the drop in the euro is not reflected in the exchange rate that Shefqet Kastrati applies to citizens who cross the street of the Nation and that the payment is made in Lek.

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