The fuel marking concession, the Albanians will pay another 40 million euros

2023-08-08 11:27:13Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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The fuel marking concession is postponed by one year, the Albanians will pay another 40 million euros

The government has quietly extended the fuel labeling concession, granted since 2013 by the Government of Sali Berisha, with a 10-year term.

The concession term ended in August, but using a clause in the contract signed 10 years ago on the effective date of entry into force, the company managed to extend it until the end of June.

June passed and the marking continued for the month of July, while from August 1, all deadlines for the company's activity have been exceeded. However, after exceeding these deadlines, learns that fuel marking continues at customs points.

The fuel importing companies confirm that if they do not carry out the marking, then they cannot clear the product and put it on the market. Multiple sources of say that the marking process is being carried out because the decision to extend the concession by 10 years has been taken and submitted to customs officially, although it has not been officially published in any official communication channel of the Government.

The fuel marking concession was granted in 2013. At that time, the company GFI Albania won it with NIPT L31605014G. This company is owned in 99.3 percent of the shares by the company "Petroleum Consulting Partners LLC" and "Global Fluids International" with 0.7 percent.

From the data submitted to the register of final beneficiaries, it appears that the owner is a Turkish citizen, Nerve Korkmaz, born in April 1968 and a close person to Sinan Idrizi. It took 100 percent ownership of the concession on February 16 of last year, after the departure of Ismail Mullet, who owned the company Petroleum Consultin LLC.

The data suggest that the transaction is not random and determined by market movements, since in order to lose track of the movement the company Petroleum Consulting has been deregistered from Switzerland and registered in Delaware, USA, known as a tax haven and the same place where before the company DH Albania was registered, which through forgery tried to win a tender of 20 million euros at Unaza e Re.

From the balances submitted to the KKB, the concession collected only last year 4.1 million euros in fuel marking income, while the state pays 2.5 percent of them, or about 100 thousand euros, as a concession fee according to the contract. Buying the company that owns the concession one year from the end of the contract seems unusual.

This raises suspicions that the extension of the concession, among the most attacked by Edi Rama in the opposition, was predetermined. At that time, Rama considered branding one of the biggest corrupt affairs and accused Shkëlzen Berisha, the son of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, as the indirect beneficiary.

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