Shkëlzen Berisha was arrested, he declared that he paid rent on the villa in Rolling Hills, but hid it in the ILDKP

2023-08-10 11:45:48Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Shkelzen Berisha's villa in Rolling Hills and the tower that will be built after the Opera

Shkëlzen Berisha has reacted to the accusations that he is the de facto owner of a villa in the Lundra area, which de jure is registered in the name of businessman Ilir Shtufi and yes de jure, the son of the former Prime Minister lives there on rent.

Through a post on social networks, he says that for 17 years, when he returned to Albania, he always chose to live in rent. He says that in this period he has changed apartments 3 times and insists that apart from paying rents through official channels, he has had no working relationship with the landlords.

Shkelzën Berisha himself is not directly subject to the law on self-declaration of assets, but as the son of the former President, former Prime Minister and now MP Sali Berisha, his name is reflected in the latter's self-declaration forms.

Journalist Adriatik Doçi says that in the forms declared by Berisha since 2014, no amount of rent from Shkëlzen Berisha has been declared as a financial liability. has secured the forms submitted by Berisha from 2014 until after his election as a deputy in 2021.

The examination of these forms shows that in 2014, a year after Sali Berisha left power, Shkëlzen Berisha declared as liabilities a loan of around 275 thousand euros for the purchase of an apartment with an area of ??200 square meters in Tirana, another loan of almost 45 thousand euros for the purchase of a car and a lease contract for the apartment in Lundre and for the rent of the office in the amount of 400 euros.

In the statements that follow two years later, in 2015 and 2016, the obligations remain the same. However, the form does not specify the financial obligation that Shkëlzen Berisha has from the lease contracts in Lundre and for the office. This part is completed only with the note 'The rental contract in Lundre continues...' 

In 2017, the rent for both the apartment in Lundre and the office is not reflected in the form at all, raising suspicions of concealment of wealth. The same thing happens in the forms of the following years, until October of 2021, when Sali Berisha submitted the form of declaration of wealth after being elected deputy in the elections of April of that year.

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