"Mehmet Shehu was killed with his own hand by Kadri Hazbiu", the strong confession of the former president: A well-known doctor laid him on the bed

2023-11-27 20:03:51Histori SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Enver Hoxha, Mehmet Shehu and Kadri Hazbiu

Qemal Lame, former president of Albania since 1982, has recently given an interview to News 24, during which he claims that Mehmet Shehu was killed. So that the former Prime Minister of Albania was physically liquidated on the night of December 17, 1981, to continue with the political process that was brought to him by declaring him a suicide in conditions of a nervous breakdown.

He says that there is evidence that Shehu was killed and did not kill himself.

"The concrete facts are the examination of the scene, it was done by the former director of the investigation, the interior minister, the criminological expert and two legal experts. They are of the opinion that it is murder and not suicide.

This is a very delicate problem. According to the evidence, the person who is most talked about and who has the most ideas is Kadri Hazbiu. Because it was thought that Mehmet Shehu would be eliminated in the first place, which was set in motion at the time he had to leave because the way was not open for Ramiz Ali.

The person who could carry out this murder was the Minister of the Interior, implicated in all the murders of that period.

Hekuran Isai took orders and sent them to the investigators. It is a concrete fact that the documents of the initiation of the criminal case have been destroyed. After the murder, the investigators gave the conclusion that there was a murder for weak motives. As soon as he saw it, the Minister of Health said that this is a murder, and he was very shocked. From the central community, after the notification was given, the message came that it is not murder but suicide", he said.

Then Lame tells the moment of the investigations, after he took office.

"When I came to office, the conspiracy process had started. Meanwhile, after 2 months, the former interior minister was arrested and then other people. It is an undeniable fact that these people were arrested without evidence. And when I went, I did not find any documents there. They told me that the party has the documents and will bring them. After a week they came. Until April and May, there were no documents, the persons were arrested, it was also reported by Hekuran Isait to Enver Hoxha. Then I made the decision on the criminal case...", he said.

But what was the scene where Mehmet Shehu was found dead?

"According to the experts' conclusion, the murder took place at 02:05 at night. There is no record that it was heard, but it is possible that it was heard. Until after 01:00 at night, as his son Vladimir declares, who was annihilated... he was preparing the will, or the letter that he took to Enver Hoxha. From my analysis it appears that that letter is not original. The autopsy of the person, the graphic examination of the handwriting has not been done. I asked for paper expertise, it was accepted as an idea, but it was ordered later that it is not necessary. I think he's been writing, and preparing for the next meeting... at that time he's been preparing for tomorrow's meeting. There was a cup of tea on the table.

The expertise of that has not been done. This glass was also found in the bedroom. Its expertise has not been done. The records are that he has been taking many neuroleptic medications for a period. The doctor has increased the dose of therapy, it has been in a limited period, because it gradually hinders him in his daily communication skills.

It is thought that there must have been a substance in this glass that he had. When the expert arrived, he was lying in bed, covered with a quilt and wearing glasses," says Lame.

He further adds that the position in which he was found dead is not related to the development of the event, as he continues to show that he was killed by Kadri Hazbiu while he was standing, and then he was lying on the bed. According to him, he was 'adjusted to bed by a very well-known doctor'.

"It looked like he was asleep. In fact, there was a serious crime. His lying position does not correspond to the mechanism of the development of the event. One of the experts of the event had the courage to declare last year that the expertise was not done correctly.

If the full mechanism of the event had been made, there are no details as to whether he was standing or lying down. The idea is that he was on foot, they used violence, and his brother mentions it, he was on foot, the two officers caught him, held him, and Kadriu carried out the murder. There was also another person who received important tasks later in the internal affairs bodies, but his hand trembled, and Hazbiu carried it out. Then it is laid out and fixed on the bed. It was arranged by a doctor of great repute and who later had important functions.

The murder was done on the order of Enver Hoxha in the presence of Ramiz Ali, and the order would be carried out by Kadri Hazbiu ," he said.