Kadare: Kosovo is Albania, one day this land will get its old name

2023-10-20 15:54:12Histori SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Writer Ismail Kadare

The President of France, Emmanual Macron, for nearly 15 minutes covered through his speech, the stages of the life and creativity of the writer Ismail Kadare, and consequently also the developments in Albania, in the Palace of Brigades.

Not for the genius of the writer, but for little Albania, what seems like a romantic passage, happened on his first arrival in Tirana, during the Summit of the Berlin Process, where on the evening of October 16 he handed over the decoration of "Senior Officer of the Legion of Honor".

During these days, Kadare has preferred to save his feelings for the evaluation, as he says, "to not add to the big noise", but he has a comment, when Macron, even for the limitations overcome in the dictatorship, considers him through literature as a "Messenger of freedom".

"I have always been the messenger of freedom, every well-known and honest writer is like that", says Kadare.

Meanwhile, the writer sees the holding of the Berlin Summit in Albania with optimism.

"I think it is a very positive event for the image of Albania", says the writer Ismail Kadare in a reaction to Report TV.

In this event where Albania, as well as other countries of the Western Balkans, aim to support integration into the European Union, giving messages through art and placing cultural personalities in the "front line" of the great reception, according to the writer, has a positive effect .

"Anything that sheds light on Albania, that dispels the fog, the darkness, the misunderstandings is positive", he says.

As one of the figures who raised the issue of Kosovo during the war, to the highest structures, where he lobbied for its freedom from Pope John Paul II, to the then French president Jacques Chirac in 1998, Kadare is concerned about the conflicts that her freedom.

"My opinion is the logical opinion of all people who love their country. I wish complete freedom for Kosovo soon. Kosovo is Albania and one day this entire land will get its old name".

I avoid talking about the nominees of recent years for the "Nobel in literature", although I leave open the possibility for a new literary creature.

"As for books, I can always write something, but they are endless in the writer's memory. Therefore, it is impossible to tell future plans".