The Greeks revolt with the Netflix documentary: Weary us in the battles with the Italians during the Second World War

2023-12-27 20:02:03Histori SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Greek soldiers, World War II

Many Greeks were outraged when they saw the latest Netflix documentary titled World War II: From the Front.

The documentary, which includes extensive archival footage and perspectives from all sides involved in the conflict, characterizes Greek resistance to the Italian occupation of World War II as weak.

The documentary hints that Greece offered only weak resistance to Italy, while there is no reference to the defenses put up by the Greek army, which, historians of the neighboring country claim, fought hard against the odds to repel Mussolini's forces in Albania.

Greece fought for 219 days, from October 1940 to April 1941, until Nazi Germany launched a major offensive. Throughout this period, Greece suffered 13,325 deaths, 62,663 injuries and 1,290 individuals listed as missing.