SKETCH/ This is the building where the flag was raised, don't confuse it with the building where Ismail bey Vlora was born!

2023-11-30 11:50:12Histori SHKRUAR NGA ILIR IKONOMI
Ismail Qemali

Decades ago, Eqrem bey Vlora published a sketch, where it clearly shows in which building independence was declared by Ismail bey Vlora. Not only that, but he also marks in the sketch the window in which Ismail Bey displayed the red flag with the black vulture, before placing it on the balcony.

This is the two-story building, not the three-story Saraj. This two-story building, the smaller of the two buildings, was the hall of Saraje.

It was the house where Xhemil bey Vlora lived and is located in the lower part of the sketch. I believe it cannot be explained more clearly than that.

To this day, we do not have a frontal photo of this building, but only photos from a distance or photos showing the building transformed into a hotel.

And yet, the picture of the three-story building (the one above) is still shown on TV and stupid people comment saying that the flag was raised on the three-story building - called a harem (which has no balcony at all).

SKETCH/ This is the building where the flag was raised, don't confuse it

These are two buildings that cannot be confused and there is no point in confusing them. As Eqrem Bey says, the three-story building (the one above) was the house where Ismail Qemali was born, and he even specifies the room where our hero of independence was born.

It may seem like an unimportant detail, but I don't think so. We must know and say with utmost precision exactly where the flag was raised and not pretend to know.