'Who touches Ceno Klos, has business with me'/ Belinda Balluku's coded message to the new Minister of Finance

2023-09-14 20:18:27Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Belinda Balluku and Ceno Klosi

More than in words, politics speaks with actions and figures when it will convey messages to a person, or a certain group of people. These messages are hidden under the noses of the general public.

Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku spoke in words. As for the deeds, let the citizens themselves judge them. But we can interpret a recent photo, where the number two of the government appears in a cafe with the director of Taxes, Ceno Klosi.

The photo was first distributed in an opposition media and then quickly spread on the network, raising many questions about the purpose of the meeting, what connects Balluk with the subordinate of another ministry, and others like these.

But nobody and nowhere mentioned the fact that if Balluku wanted a secret meeting with Ceno Klos, he would not have chosen a place as public as the place where the photo was taken, which is clearly a bar overflowing with people.

'Who touches Ceno Klos, has business with me'/ Belinda Balluku's

This leads to the suspicion that the photo from the meeting that was sold as a secret is not even a secret, even the meeting itself together with the photo in question were used for a purpose; conveying a message to the new Minister of Finance, Ervin Mete.

The message conveyed in this case is clear; Ceno Klosi is Balluk's man and he is not touched and anyone who touches him has business with Balluk, and therefore with Edi Rama himself.

But what connects Ceno Klosi of Taxes, under the direct control of the Ministry of Finance, and Deputy Prime Minister Balluk?

When Delina Ibrahimaj took office as Minister of Finance, two were the names of subordinates who clashed the most. The first was Ceno Klosi, Director General of Taxes, the second was Gent Gazheli, Director General of Customs.

Rumors in the corridors of the ministry at that time spoke of a total disregard that the two directors 'sponsored' by Arben Ahmetaj in these positions, did to the orders and instructions of Delina Ibrahimaj.

With the departure of Ahmetaj from the Government and then with the escape from Albania, Ceno Klos and Gent Gazheli were apparently taken under the patronage of Belinda Balluku. As long as Arben Ahmetaj was, Delina Ibrahimaj did not have the courage to dismiss either the first or the second, despite the public accusations leveled against them.

The question is, will Ervin Mete find the courage to do what Ibrahimaj could not do?

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