Berisha's evil 'pencil' with prosecutor Edwin Condil

2023-09-07 17:47:20Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Edwin Kondili

To illustrate his accusations that Edi Rama is linked to the crime and acting on behalf of the crime, Sali Berisha on Tuesday brought as an example the name of businessman Dove Gjoka, arrested in the framework of Operation Metamorphosis on charges of murder.

Berisha implied that Gjoka, through Rama, tried to elect the new head of the Posaccme Prosecution. Here he mentioned Edwin Condill's name and referred to the December race, where Kondilli was defeated by one more vote in the High Prosecutorial Council by Altin Dumani. To reinforce his truth, Sali Berisha said That Kondil sent the Bajrave file to The Saranda, declaring that they are not criminal organizations.

The lapsus, or intentionally, the whole of Corbyn's claim has a great untruth. The Bajrave file was indeed in SPAK, but it was not in the hands of prosecutor Edwin Kondilli. The file was handed by another special prosecutor, who was talked about as a 'house friend' of Dove Gjoka. This prosecutor then declared incompetancy and transferred the file to the Prosecutor's Office of Saranda.

Then, in Shkodra, the file was closed by prosecutor Xhevahir Lita, already arrested as part of the Metamorphosis dossier.

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