PHOTO/ 'Nobody stops him', ex-MP: "Salillari" firm wins 1.3 billion lek tender in Berat!

2023-08-23 15:00:41Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Pellumb Salillari/ Berat/ Lefter Maliqi

Pëllumb Salillari has become the "master" of tenders in the district of Berat. Salillari has been repeatedly denounced as the sole beneficiary of public money that goes to investments in the three main municipalities of the district, Berat, Kuçovo and Dimal.

He is the beneficiary of the 4 million euro tender of the Ministry of Defense for the construction of the surrounding wall of the NATO airbase in Kuçovo, but also the 3.61 billion lek tender of the municipality of Kuçovo for the construction of a water supply in Sinec, which risked taking him after mayor Kreshnik Hajdari in bars.

The " Salillari " firm has also won a tender for the construction of local road axes, manages the quarries that erode the hill above the town of Dimal, but it seems that one of Edi Rama's favorite oligarchs will not stop there.

According to the former deputy of the Democratic Party, Lefter Maliqi, another big tender has been added to Salillar's border, as a reward from Prime Minister Edi Rama for the financial and physical support he gave to the socialist candidates for mayor in the May 14 elections.

Maliqi has denounced with photos and videos the presence of Salillar in the month of the electoral campaign for the May 14 elections in Kuçovo, where thousands of euros were invested in buying votes for mayor Hajdari.

According to him, a tender worth 1.3 billion lek has been given to Pëllumbi by the Rama government, which envisages the transformation of the old sports field in Berat into an entertainment environment for children and young people.