How can Fredi Beleri be sworn in as the mayor of Himara, paving the way for the de-tensioning of Albania-Greece relations?

2023-08-21 21:59:49Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The elected mayor of Himara, Fredi Beleri, will continue to remain behind bars on the charge of buying and selling votes in the May 14 local elections. GJKKO took today the independent decision, but which seems to have aggravated the relations between Greece and Albania even more.

The neighboring state insistently demands the swearing in of Fredi Beller as mayor, even if this job required 2 minutes and he would be back behind bars. On the contrary, official Athens has declared that it will become an obstacle for Albania's membership in the European Union, and has threatened to block our country's funds from the EU.

But this shows that more than Beleri, Greece is interested in the post of mayor of Himara. His oath means that the Municipality of Himara with its entire archive of documents and decisions falls into the hands of their man. Then all those policies of the Greeks that they consider important for their "minority" can be written on paper, starting with property issues and not only.

But how can Beler's oath be taken, if the parties would prefer to extinguish the fire of the conflict between the two countries?

There are two ways Beler can be sworn in as mayor, but in any case, this must happen by September 15 of this year. On the other hand, the Municipality of Himara goes to early elections.

Beleri can swear both inside and outside the prison?

While Greece claims that Beleri can swear even inside the prison premises, the procedure of the law on local government in Albania does not provide for this.

The Mayor can take the oath in the office, on the terrace, but he must be present in the City Hall and attend the first meeting of the City Council. It is unfeasible for the Municipal Council of Himara to move to the premises of "313" to take the oath.

Mundësia që mbetet është ajo e daljes nga burgu, jo me ndryshimin e masës që tashmë u vulos nga GJKKO. Por me leje nga Drejtori i Burgut.

Ashti si çdo i burgosur tjetër, edhe Beleri ka të drejtë të kërkojë leje të veçantë për të dalë nga burgu. Kjo lloj leje jepet deri në 7 ditë dhe me kërkesë të të burgosurit mund të zgjatet deri, por jo më shumë se 30 ditë.

I burgosuri, mund të marrë leje në rast të sëmundjeve të rënda, të cilat rrezikojnë jetën e anëtarëve të familjes, të vërtetuar me raport mjekësor, apo të ngjarjeve të rëndësishme familjare, si vdekje, lindje apo martesa. Ndonëse betimi si kryebashkiak i Belerit nuk konsiderohet ngjarje e rëndësishme familjare, mbetet një ngjarje e rëndësisë së veçantë dhe i takon Drejtorit të Burgut të vendosë.

Po nëse drejtori i burgut refuzon të japë leje?

If, supposedly, Beler asks the prison director for special permission to be sworn in as mayor, and he refuses. In this case, Beleri has the right to appeal the decision to get permission to the court, and it is the court that makes the final decision.

Such a scenario, although complicated and with a tight deadline of 25 days, would not be impossible.

But since until now Beleri has only asked for freedom on the grounds that he wants to take an oath, why didn't he also ask for such permission from the director of the prison? It remains to be seen whether he will do so in the coming days.