EXCLUSIVE/ History The most wanted ALBANIAN in Europe, his implication in the murder and his truth!

2023-09-07 10:40:18Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Edinjo Pulti

Edinjo Pulti , 37 years old, from Shkodra, continues to be one of the Albanians on Europol's "Most Wanted" list.

Recently updated, this list includes a total of 45 people from all over Europe wanted for serious criminal offences, most of them for crimes against the person, murders and mass killings.

The 37-year-old from Shkodran is wanted to be arrested by Luxembourg for attempted murder. On August 2, 2020 , he was involved in a fight in Pétange , Luxembourg.

Several men, including one armed with a knife, fought in the city centre. According to Europol, Pulti stabbed two people several times, one of them in the stomach.

But unlike Europol , relatives of Edinjo Pulti have rejected the implication of their relative in the murder. They contacted the editorial office of VoxNews and told their version of the story and how the murder happened in Luxembourg.

Edinjo Pulti 's family members told VoxNews that Edinjo went to Luxembourg for a lunch with his friends, in a bar that serves Albanian dishes. Edinjoja lived in France with us, who are his family with regular papers.

" We didn't have any problems, we were fine, there was a fight between them in the bar and wanting to leave, he got into the car with his friends. Edinjo was unarmed.

A car came out in front and his friend who was injured with a knife got out of the car and took a screwdriver and hit the person who started the fight.

We emphasize that it was his friend who served 2 years in prison for that injury and we emphasize that Edinjo never touched anyone with his hand.

This has been revealed by Luxembourg's expertise, when the incident happened they got into the car and left for France.

A year after this event, Edinjo traveled to France again and did not have any kind of problem, he continues and still lives in Albania " , Edinjo's family told VoxNews .

We remind you that Edinjo Pulti was arrested in 2022 in our country, but due to the lack of an extradition agreement with Luxembourg, he was released, considering that there is no open criminal case in the country.

In the list of 45 people wanted by Europol, 2 Albanians are not considered high risk, despite 17 others who are considered very dangerous, due to monstrous crimes committed over the years.