Cadastre, the office headed by Kiara Haskaj returns responses from functional illiterates

2023-09-01 19:52:19Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The case of returning a citizen's answer and Kiara Haskaj

The system is neither the only nor the biggest problem of the State Cadastre Agency. Its main problem, as evidenced by dozens and dozens of documents that have been made public, are its people and leaders.

The perfect example of the incompetence of Cadastre employees can be considered the head of the Agency for the North Region, Kiara Haskaj. The latter signs the documents, but either does not read them, or belongs to the group of functional illiterates, which means that he reads them, but does not understand their content.

A case that has reached the editorial office of is the case of returning the answer of a citizen. According to the answer returned, the citizen who had spent money and time to get a copy of his property card had not completed the documentation.

In the reply signed by director Kiara Haskaj, three points are presented as to why the request for the citizen's card was rejected. As if to make the rejection response more serious and official, the first point states that there is a lack of documentation, repeating in other words the same conclusion made in the first paragraph, where the request is rejected.

The second point then is the pearl of the whole rejection content. At this point, the citizen is told that from the verification of the submitted documentation, he must submit... nothing. This is where the logic of Kiara Haskaj's letter breaks.

In this part, the law on Cadastre is cited, leaving it up to the citizen to find what is missing in the documentation. There is no mention of the document or any other type of document that would complete the file and obtain the property card and its indicators upon request.

The third point of the letter is an even bigger technical mess, that not even the Cadastre employees themselves can decipher what Kiara Haskaj wanted to write.

This is the major problem of the Cadastre, which at least in this case the system has worked. But what hasn't worked is the brains of the agency's employees, who have burned their time and money with a lousy back-and-forth.

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