The scandal with the loaded system/ KKB does not return an answer, businesses are fined for the fault of the institution!

2023-09-07 13:43:08Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
National Business Center

Businesses have a problem submitting online balances to the National Business Center (NBC), through E-Albania , they encountered delays due to work congestion.

In addition to the online submission of financial statements, which took a few minutes on average, the completion of a number of other documents has already been added, such as the economic activity progress report, information on assets, income, average number of employees, business code, etc. .

Some businesses have complained to the VoxNews newsroom that the system is too slow and the site needed time to receive documents.

It may take a few days to upload the reports as the KKB servers cannot process the information in time and it gets stuck. They told VoxNews that the system does not respond to them and they should be charged with fines that businesses should pay.

The system has technical problems and does not generate the changes in the form, at the beginning of the application the page shows that it was successful and then shows that there is a problem. We have sent an email to KKB and contacted them and they tell us they are being handled by the relevant department ,' one of the businesses tells VoxNews .

But this is not the only problem with KKB, according to the businesses that have reported to VoxNews, another problem is also with the time limits.

" There are technical problems with KKB and with the commercial register when we enter the data to transfer to the register of beneficial owners as we have delays in deadlines. While the time limit is 30 days, in case of non-implementation, businesses are fined 4 million ALL ," he told VoxNews .

This is not the first time that the National Registration Center does not provide service due to the malfunction of the online system.