"SPAK has received information from the Italian anti-mafia", Karamuço: One oligarch will be arrested, another has fled urgently

2023-09-11 23:45:51Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ervin Karamuço

Criminalistics expert Ervin Karamuço said tonight on 'Top Story' that there are businessmen who are not at the level of oligarchs, but who have put their hands in every power and politics is silent and the rule of law turns a blind eye. He revealed that SPAK has correspondence with the Italian authorities as this scheme comes from Italy.

The expert said that there are oligarchs who fled urgently when they were informed that they would be arrested, there are others who say that they will suffocate in prison if they are arrested, while another is expected to be handcuffed.

"This television has paid for the lack of compromises with bullets, we have talked about bullets and murder, it happened to us in the yard of this television, but the mission does not stop. Not only in the political side, but also in business, which until now we have not mentioned at all. That it cannot work since 1994, when "ecomafia" was invented, politics cannot work without business and without the mafia. There are three components. Here we only have politics, suspects, some businessmen who are not at the level of the oligarchs we know, but have put their hands in every power and we have the mafia that we lack here is nowhere. These components are not They can complete this but they are not mafia. We have to look for it where it is. It is not revealed anywhere at all. This is a scheme that comes from outside.

There are letters of exchange with the Italians on these issues for Fier, Elbasan and Tirana, there are letters of exchange with the authority of the Italian DIA. There is something similar, a model was taken from there who orchestrated it and what was done. We are missing so many people that it is impossible to connect, who did what. We are talking about criminal justice, but it is also social, not popular. Those who want to benefit by being close to politicians have done many things, so close their eyes to the rule of law.

Out of 10 oligarchs we have today, 4 have problems. An oligarch says I can't breathe if I go to jail and he's gone. Another one fled urgently because they told him they could arrest you, one was called 4 times to SPAK, a very big oligarch. Another oligarch is expected to be arrested, if he will be in Albania", says Karamuço in Top Story.