"Insolent Belinda Balluku"/ Residents of Bëxulla are looking for a solution for their properties: Where can we find salvation?

2023-03-26 11:55:10Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
In the photo: Residents of the village of Bërxulle and the minister, Belinda Balluku

The residents of Bëxulla call on the state to give them a solution for their properties which are affected by the Thumanë-Kashar road project.

They have blocked the road leading to Rinas, as they call on Prime Minister Rama and Deputy Prime Minister Balluku to send their representatives to find a solution.

"Edi Rama went to England a few days ago to ask the Englishman for a solution. He massacred the Albanians. This item is only for stealing. Where are Edi Rama and Belinda Balluku and Ervis Berberi.

Shame on them, what kind of government we have. Shame on these ministers and these governments. With the votes of the people, Edi Rama has come, he used to say that Berisha did not get off the horse, now it is Rama who does not get off the horse" - said a resident.

"Belinda Balluku does not react at all. What does she expect, what does it cost to bring a representative?” - said another resident.

 "They cancel the road, they have no human virtue. Even the post they got, they can't do it" - said the other resident. 

"Belinda Balluku has reached the top, but she will be thrown, God has to throw her. There is also a mother, cheeky" - said another resident.