Alla, the Russian girl living in Albania: Worst habit? You put things off and always say 'kismet'. Complain about everything...

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Alla Simacheva

By Entela Resuli

Alla is a Russian girl who has been living in Tirana for 14 years. Before she set foot in Albania, she knew very little about it, and had never even thought about her life here.

First, love brought him to Albania. Then she realized that, unlike many Albanians who want to leave their country, she discovered that Albania is a very good place to live.

Growing up in cold Moscow, Tirana and all of Albania seemed very welcoming and generous.

The first years of her stay in Albania she worked as a photographer, while now, for more than five years, she is engaged in another field, that of training people's thinking and photography.

In social networks, she is known for her motivational sessions.

Alla Simacheva speaks Albanian very well. She is brunette and has fine features. Today she is the mother of an 11-year-old boy. There is a solution to everything and according to her all life is a matter of focus, it depends on what you want to see and get from it.

- But what does Albania look like today in the eyes of a Russian girl? -Alla, before coming to Albania, had you heard of this country before?

To be honest, I knew very little about Albania, only the location and some stereotypes.

- What brought you here and above all what kept you in Albania?

Fortunately, before visiting Albania for the first time, I chose not to read anything on the Internet and form my own impressions. The first meeting with Albania happened 18 years ago, when I was going to meet the family of my Albanian ex-husband. I was very young and brave, and despite the fairly well organized life in Moscow, I didn't think long about moving to Tirana.

I know many Russian women who have left Russia for their Albanian husbands. However, my marriage has already ended and resolved, and staying in Albania was a conscious choice.

First, Albania offers us all the opportunities to create the life we ??want, despite the complaints and negative opinions of many Albanians, I really see many opportunities for a beautiful life in Albania.

-Is there something that impressed you at first, can you tell us?

At first, my impressions and feelings about Albania were very mixed, it seemed to me as if I was in another reality. Normally, Tirana 18 years ago was not the same as today's Tirana. Wonder how it is possible for such a beautiful place to have so many contrasts. The hospitality of the Albanians and the warmth of the people impressed me for the better, and at the same time the mess and the old habit of throwing garbage from the windows, or throwing garbage into the sea or the river, surprised me negatively.

- You speak Albanian very well, who has helped you with this part and has this made you understand Albania more, the mentality here?

Ah, thank you very much for the rating. The Albanian language is really a difficult and special language for foreigners. At the same time, I think it is difficult to integrate in a foreign country and feel comfortable without a language. I had an Albanian friend who didn't speak English, and this, I think, is the best and most beautiful way to learn any language, so it's communication. I am very grateful for the patience and time my friend has devoted to me, understanding me, correcting me, teaching me.

So it gave me the foundation, which just grew on its own when I was meeting new people. Today I have an expression: stay, stay and learn some words in Albanian. Now I work with many people, I communicate through social networks because of work, so I keep hearing and learning new words.

- Since we are of the same mentality, what impresses you about this part of Albania?

It's been more than 14 years since I've lived in Albania, I don't think anything impresses me, I've accepted it as a part of the environment, it's not that it breaks my peace or stresses me out, but it's a fact for me, that Albanians complain a lot and for everything: for the heat, for the cold, for the rain, for the sun, for the traffic, for politics, for the aunt, the aunt, the neighbor. And while they complain, they also care a lot about the opinion and approval of others.

I recognize this because I know very well how thoughts work. While we spend time and energy complaining, we are not living our lives but living the lives of others.

In fact, very quickly, I was also infected with negative thoughts during the first years in Albania. I had heard the expression "we are in Albania, things don't work here" so much that I really believed it for a long time until I discovered that it is not true.

-We in Albania have an image of Russians as tall, blonde, blue-eyed girls... have they told you that you don't look like a Russian?

Not only do they often tell me that from the way I speak I can't tell that I'm a foreigner, I look like an Albanian who lived abroad, but once they told me like this: wow, are you Russian? Yes, Russian women are beautiful, not like your work.

This has already become an expression that I use myself as a joke.

I personally like my geographic mix. I was born in Tokyo, I lived the first years of my life there, then I grew up in Moscow, and I was formed in Albania. Different cultures have enriched my inner world and way of thinking.

- For those who know you from Instagram, you are a very good photographer but also a trainer of thought, why did you choose this form to be close to your followers?

It is true that I have been a photographer for a long time, it was my profession in Albania for 10 years. I wanted through the art of photography to show people how good they are, living in a beautiful country, at the same time thanks to social networks and many Russian friends and colleagues learned the hidden and beautiful places of Albania.

Now my mission continues where I don't just work with the exterior, but I work with people's thoughts, which makes possible big changes in all aspects of life.

Alla, the Russian girl living in Albania: Worst habit? You put things off and
Alla Simacheva

-Do you yourself ever feel demoralized, tired... what do you do to get out of this state?

It has already become difficult to feel demoralized, because when I see that I am not achieving the desired result, I understand that there is something in my way of thinking, there is an action that I do wrong, so I do not succeed. I use feelings to benefit me and illuminate opportunities for development. I allow myself to feel uncertainty, and fear, and anger, if it comes, because these feelings alert me that there is something in my reality that needs to be improved.

In terms of fatigue, yes. I get tired. This is one of my weak points. I work a lot without allowing myself quality rest, as I feel like I have too many goals and too little time to accomplish them. It may sound strange, but this summer I was learning to take real vacations without worrying about anything.

-What is the message you start your day with?

Thoughts need care and hygiene just like our body. It is true that just as we brush our teeth, our thoughts also need to be cleaned, organized and maintained. Although I am a coach and I care about my clients' thoughts, I am just human, and my thoughts require the same care as well.

First, I dedicate a few minutes of time in the morning to follow the thoughts I have, what I think, what I feel, what are the thoughts that cause me the opposite feelings of pleasure.

Everyone, regardless of status, job position or income level, has thoughts that create uncertainty, anxiety, stress, fear, fatigue, and it's normal. It's not normal to close our eyes and pretend these feelings don't exist. This is self-deception then.

So my message of the day, or motto is that, first, today, like every other day, I seek and observe the thoughts that limit me, and secondly, today I seek and observe, what are the actions that bring me pleasure, and I will to include more of these actions in my routine.

Have you heard of the Pareto principle? That 20% of the causes bring 80% of the results. In this case, 20% of the actions we do per day will bring us 80% of happiness. By identifying what these 20% are, it will help us to multiply and turn into a habit a happy lifestyle regardless of the circumstances.

-According to you, man has his destiny in his hand or is it written?

In the life of every person, what works in what person believes. I believe and practice the method which says that everything we have or don't have in life is the result of action. As Einstein said, it is insanity to do the same thing and expect different results. Our actions are driven by emotions, emotions are indicators of thoughts.

So if we have something we want to improve in life, it is enough to change at least one thought to have a new result. That simple. Everything is very simple, it is us, the people, who complicate it, because we do not believe that things can work simply.

-Can we change our lives and the way we live by the way we think?

Another thought creates another emotion, another emotion creates another reaction, new reaction means new result. Meanwhile, it is important to have a professional who can help us identify our thoughts. I am a coach and I have a coach.

I can say that it is a special pleasure to be in the customer's position, because a thought I feed myself every day, especially in difficult moments, is that there is at least one person who accepts me completely as I am and believes in me .

-Where should we start to do this, to change?

It is important to start appreciating small steps. It is also important to take care of the vocabulary. Words themselves not only allow us to transmit messages and information to each other, but also create or lighten our emotional weight.

For example, once when my friends asked me the question "how are you", I answered "I have been very busy". This thought and these very words created a load for me. Later I replaced them with the thought that I am not busy, but I am wanted. See how reactions and self-esteem change. Who am I in the first version? I am a tired and stressed person. Who am I when I am wanted? I am friendly, I am professional, I have the trust of clients. With which opinion is life more beautiful? Of course, with the second one. And it's just a matter of choice.

- It seems like you have a solution for everything, have there been difficult moments in your life?

I can say that the way of thinking is a skill, and like any other skill it is trained and improved. Of course, I went through crises and very difficult moments. I think my transformation started when my father passed away too suddenly for everyone. I had many questions and in search of answers I arrived at this profession where I am now.

- How can we explain to those who are reading us what exactly you deal with?

Specifically, I develop transformational programs in groups and individually where each person can take the instruments, to begin with, look at themselves in depth, not on the surface, answer to themselves who they are and what they want, and then build themselves, the way they want. .

Research, on which the methodology I use is based, proves that people always have a positive core goal, the way they achieve it is often toxic to others due to heavy thoughts and feelings. For example, when one acts, guided by pain or despair. It is the expression of a famous entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk: hurt people hurt people, happy people make other people happy.

So unhappy people hurt other people, often unintentionally and unconsciously, happy people just share happiness.

- Worst habit we have?

Postpone life for later. When we say about something we want to do, we say "tomorrow", we also add "kismet", "tomorrow kismet". This I translate as nothing will be done at all, because it is simply a habit of procrastinating.


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