Herta, stomatology of the mountains

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Herta Becka

Entela Resuli

In recent years, girls have become even more sporty. Not that they haven't been, but they have had a hard time taking the initiative and climbing mountain tops. There were, but their number was few. In recent times, the number of girls joining the various mountain climbing groups has seen an increase.

We met one of them to tell us about her relationship with nature and what she benefits from being on the mountain tops in Albania every weekend.

Herta Becka is a dentist by profession. She spends the entire week at the clinic where she works, but when it comes to the weekend, she makes no compromises. He dedicates it to nature. Apparently, Herta has felt the benefits of this relationship and practices it almost every weekend.

The energy that climbing the mountain gives you is enough to spend a week under the work routine in the capital and not feel tired.

Our dentistry was born in the city of Lushnje, and in childhood he did not climb, he started to practice this passion when he left his hometown for the capital. Apparently, here she found people like her who had the same passion.

Herta has not only climbed mountains in Albania, but also in the Balkans. She has violated several of them and does not intend to stop there.

In this conversation, alpinist dentistry tells us more about his passion for nature...

-Herta, what is your connection with nature?

All of us, like every creature after all, are inextricably linked to nature. As a result of it, we are part of it, we develop within it and we cannot live outside of it. But for me it's not just a relationship, it's not just passion, it's love. Nature for me is a meeting point, a disconnection point, an inner, clear, lucid, intense communication that goes beyond a simple physical activity. Returning to nature is always a sweet return to oneself.

-Did you grow up in the city, or in the fresh air in the countryside?

I was born and raised in the city of Lushnje, that is, in the province of Myzeqe. My house is quite close to the city center, but thankfully also at the foot of its hills, practically immersed in greenery and sufficiently removed from concrete.

-But now you are a girl who climbs the mountain almost every weekend. When did you start seeing this sport as a way of life?

I started looking more closely at mountaineering itself as a sport in 2010, when I started to break away from the western foothills and look for bigger challenges. That same year I started my first ascents.

- Can I ask if you prefer the mountain or the sea more?

Between the mountain and the sea it is difficult to choose. I choose the mountain constantly and regularly almost every weekend. Due to our Mediterranean climate in the mountains it is possible to go all year round, while in the sea, the physical activity part is generally associated with summer. However, when I need an active break in nature, I usually choose the mountain. I associate the sea more with complete rest.

-What are the mountains you have climbed in our country?

With so many years of activity, there are some mountains that I have climbed in Albania, but it is worth mentioning Mount Gramoz 2523m, Korab 2751m, Koritnik 2396m, Maja e Papingu 2485m in Vargmalin e Nemerçka, Tomorrin 2416m, Veleçik 1725m, Ostrovica 2383m, Gjallican 2489m. , Majan e Kollate 2556m, Malin me Gropa, etc.

       -What about the Balkans?

In the Balkans, I can mention Olympus 2917 m (Greece), Musalle 2925 m (Bulgaria) and Majat in Montenegro and Kosovo, part of the 'Peaks of the Balkans'.

-What was it like to climb the peaks of the Balkans? Difficult?

"Peaks of Balkan" was an initiative taken with a lot of enthusiasm, energy and positivity. I took it with love. The first difficulty is the adaptation of the body to a different rhythm the first two days, but it is a minimal difficulty that fades if you regularly engage in physical activity during the week.

-How do you feel when you are on a mountain top?

Experiences in the mountains are as numerous and different as the diversity of nature itself. Walking in itself is an internal conversation, a point of contact, a reflection. Nature moves towards the human center, the purer one, and vice versa. As nature appears with colors, paths, seasonal changes; sometimes harsh with rocky relief, sometimes soft and welcoming and sometimes stubborn, so are human emotional states. We are mirrors of each other. Mirrors of the miracle of creation.

The mountain does not impose itself on you, it makes a call for conversation, for a meeting point, for a break and emptying from artifices, from the trivial appendages of everyday life, for purification.

It shows how a person can be when he is stripped of any social, economic, etc. influence. There is only you and your will, you and life! A beautiful confrontation felt in every step, in every breath.

-The hardest peak you've climbed so far?

The most difficult peak due to weather conditions, rainfall and strong wind which blocked our view and made walking difficult was Ostrovica.

- How much has this passion for climbing peaks affected you? Has it changed your life?

There are an awful lot of health benefits where I would single out the cardiovascular system. But in my opinion, the most numerous are the emotional benefits. Group solidarity, care, emotional release...simply the mountain softens you, nature brings you back to your pure self.

-Meanwhile, you are a dentist, aren't you... why did you choose this branch?

Yes, I am a dentist. During the week I take care of people's smiles, while on the weekend I put on my mountain shoes and smile at nature. Nature and man are mirrors of each other. As much as I love nature, I also love man. Caring for the latter, the pure being that hides behind a smile and love, are the reasons that pushed me towards this profession. Today, I am glad to participate in the beautification of what comes immediately after the sparkle of the eyes, that is, the sparkle of the smile.

Herta, stomatology of the mountains

-Herta, there are many girls who choose to stay in cafes at the weekend. Why do you think they should get away from coffee and travel in nature?

In recent years, the number of girls who come to the mountain has increased a lot, not to mention that they often outnumber boys.

I suggest to everyone a small but active walk every week because movement is life. Walking in nature is "oxygen". You cannot live without movement and without oxygen. A coffee in the middle of concrete never replaces an hour of walking. The body wakes up, everything works better, more smoothly, and the energy gained is never taken from a coffee and a sedentary lifestyle.

- How long will you do this? Climb the mountain tops?

I don't believe that I will ever be separated from nature, that I will never be separated from myself. Maybe I can change the frequency of the movement, but not the movement itself.

Herta, stomatology of the mountains

-The last trip you took, or the peak you climbed?

The last peak was the Peak of Polis, Librazhd.

-And the next one, what will it be?

In the near future I am planning Maja e Jezerce and 'Via Dinarica' - Albania - Slovenia and later, why not, White Mountain.

Herta, stomatology of the mountains

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