Meet Borana who had never flown before becoming a flight attendant

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Borana Korca

Entela Resuli

Borana Korça, flew for the first time on a plane when she was a flight attendant. Although he dreamed of this job, he had not been given the opportunity to travel earlier.

Thus, he turned his passion to work and started a completely different life from what he was doing in Tirana until that time.

After completing her studies in Philosophy, she left the capital, where she was born, and settled in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where she has been working and living for years.

Today that city has returned to her home.

"I was born and raised in Tirana, originally from the beautiful city of Pogradec. I started my career in aviation in Albania at a very young age as a flight attendant and then as a cabin chief and in the Crew Planning Department. After the closure of the operations of the airline where I worked in Albania, I came to Saudi Arabia starting my career again as a flight attendant and then a cabin chief and now as an instructor of service and crew resource management. I was part of the recruiting staff for flight attendants where I was able to recruit our Albanian girls as well. I have also participated in international conferences about aviation as a delegate and speaker

Traveling has made a person more open, as he has met new people and seen many places.

" I had no experience with airplane travel, even my first flight was in a flight attendant's uniform. I discovered my passion for travel after a wonderful experience at work "- she tells us.

In this interview, Borana tells us that the pandemic has greatly affected the field where she works, and she hopes that this situation will end as soon as possible to return to the intensity of her previous work.

How were her beginnings as a flight attendant and what job position she is in now, we learn through this interview.

-Borana, from working as a flight attendant, you are now their instructor and you are involved in crew recruitment, how has your life changed these 6 years?

It has changed a lot and I never thought that I would find myself so comfortable in a profession such as an instructor. I have always been attracted to flying, but when I was given the opportunity to apply as an instructor, I definitely wanted to try it as a new experience. Now I only fly when I have to check flights or crews and it gives me pleasure again and the part of flying that I miss a little bit.

- Which company do you currently work for?

At the moment I work in an economic company in Saudi Arabia that has been operating in the market for 14 years. Tirana has been added to the summer destinations, but due to the pandemic we were not able to operate in the summer season of 2020. We hope that the situation will improve and why not enjoy direct Riyadh-Tirana flights.

Meet Borana who had never flown before becoming a flight attendant

-You now live in Riyadh, how is life there and have you easily adapted to the culture, customs...?

In the beginning it was not very easy since the culture is very different. The place was closed. But over time things have changed a lot. Now Saudi Arabia has opened tourist visas for the country and anyone can visit it and we have adapted a little more, and now we feel at home.

-Many Albanians choose Saudi Arabia to work, have you known and in which fields they want to engage?

I have information that there are many Albanians from Albania and Kosovo, but I am not in contact with many of them. They are engaged in various jobs and many of them are here for studies.

- Are they looking to work in aviation and how attractive is this profession for them?

The Albanians who are here at the moment are focused in different directions, but we have a lot of Albanian girls working in aviation here. Even in recent years, the number of Albanian girls working as flight attendants has increased a lot.

- The whole world is affected by the pandemic. Aviation is one of the most affected sectors, how has this situation been handled in the company where you work?

We are very touched. For 2 and a half months, we have completely stopped flying and have been isolated at home. During this time we worked online and tried to be prepared if the crisis continued. Some flights are still suspended. Many measures have been taken to reduce costs, but we still continue to operate and be a successful company in the region.

-What are the advantages and disadvantages of working as a flight attendant?

The advantages are flying, traveling, meeting different people from different cultures, working with different colleagues every flight makes you learn a lot. Disadvantage maybe I would consider working hours. The flights are at different times 24 hours a day and this makes you miss the routine of the day, which can be positive for diversity but also negative in terms of sleep.

-What are your future wishes or plans?

I don't have a concrete plan. At the moment I am focused on crew training and I try to work on myself to improve and specialize in this aspect. Flights and training are the areas where I am focused and I believe that in the future my career will continue to be related to them, whether in Saudi Arabia or Albania.

-How are your relations with Albania?

I love Albania very much and I miss it a lot. I always come on vacation to see my friends and family, although I haven't come recently because of the pandemic. I wish this whole situation will end soon and come more often. I am constantly in contact with my former colleagues and we constantly share work experiences. There are many professionals in aviation in Albania and I have been very lucky to work and learn from the best there.

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