Generation of soufflés, moltos and chips... Why "takeaway bread" is dignity

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Taking your own bread to school or work, before, but even in the early 90s, was a common thing.

With the "modernization" that caught almost everyone, the bread itself turned into a habit that was not only out of fashion, but in most cases, despised.

By leaving bread at home and consuming fast food outside, we have lost a lot, but what is more important, we have been malnourished.

We came to the generation of soufflés, molts, chips and other manufactured fast foods who knows how long ago.

But it seems that something has changed recently, people are already fed up with the taste of factories and are returning to home food.

Children are the ones who suffer the most and will have to be more aware of this fact.

Many of them complain that they get ridiculed by their classmates for taking food by themselves. This is where the role of the parent came in, who, providing the child with food from home, made him aware that what is cooked by his mother's hands is many times healthier than what he buys in a store in front of the school.

Denada Toçe, psychologist, mother of two children, has made a post on social networks wishing that her message be distributed to as many parents as possible who have children in school.

She advises that home-made food is not only healthy, but also carries other messages about the social aspect of the child.

"Preparing bread with me for Samuel is one of the special pleasures of every morning for me. I try to get Samuel to eat healthy, so I'm careful about the products I choose to give him. Today we have with us: wholemeal bread, goat butter and homemade blueberry jam. Also carrots, apples and almonds. Food is consumed at school between lunch and recess. According to one tradition, children get a little more food so that they can share it among their friends. We, too, have had this behavior between friends before. To raise social and less selfish children, it is a tradition that must be preserved" - writes Toçe.

Generation of soufflés, moltos and chips... Why "takeaway
Bledar Kola

Bread by itself is not an insult

One of the instigators of the tradition, for children to take bread with them to school, is the head of "Mullixhiu", Bledar Kola.

His initiatives in recent years have aimed at giving messages to turn "self-made bread" into a daily habit, not only for children at school, but also for their parents at work.

"To take bread with you is dignity, it is value, it is love for cooking. We want the children to eat home-cooked food when they go to school" - says chef Bledari for Dita. "Why not talk to each other about how it's cooked, what ingredients it has, how good it is, and so on. I understand that eating at fast food is cooler than getting a homemade panini, but the latter is many times better, for whoever consumes it. Therefore, parents should not consider it an offense to give their children bread with them, not even to take it to work themselves", says Kola.

In school

In support of this initiative, which encourages parents to cook bread with them for their children at school, is the dietician Blerina Bombaj.

Generation of soufflés, moltos and chips... Why "takeaway
Blerina Bombay

Through some tips, she explains why this fact is important.

"At the age when children start the school regime, food habits change and this change also reflects on their weight and health. The organization of meals of foods that the child should consume should be a priority of the parents. Caring for a child's food starts with breakfast. "In English, the word breakfast - literally means: "to break the break from food". Taking your child to school without eating breakfast is like going on a long drive without gas. To understand better, if you don't give energy to the child, he will use his reserves until lunch, so he will "eat himself"! To mobilize energy deposits, stress hormones are released which make the child feel irritable, tired and unable to learn. "Studies increasingly show that children who do not eat breakfast have low performance in school and a marked lack of concentration".

As for the importance of takeaway food for children at school, Bombaj says that it is very important, also according to her, never forget water.

"After breakfast, the food that the child will consume at school is of special importance. The basic principle is to be aware of the food he consumes and preferably prepared by you. Depending on the hours that will be spent at school, the food must be taken with you. For children who return home within 4 hours, a fruit like apple, banana and pear is more than enough. For more than 5 hours it is good to take a sandwich prepared at home.

And the last but not the least important is to equip the child with water. Adequate hydration is very important for brain function and mental performance in general. Remember, you are the model, after all, whatever we say, children will follow your habits, in most cases. Set a good example!”

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