Foreign tourists in hotels increased by 58 percent in February, accommodation structures with more nights of stay

2024-04-20 13:26:08Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The first months of 2024 seem to be positive, promising that the whole year will have an increase in the flow of tourists compared to 2023. Referring to the data of the Institute of Statistics, the figures report that foreign visitors to hotels have increased significantly by compared to the same parallel period of the previous year.

In February 2024, indicators of capacity utilization of accommodation structures for the total number of visitors increased by 23.7%. But the number of foreign visitors, i.e. non-residents, has increased by 58%, while for residents it has decreased by 7.2%.

Meanwhile, in terms of the number of overnight stays by residents, it has increased by 18.2%, but the figures show the biggest increase for foreign visitors, increasing to 83.6%.

Comparing it with February of last year, foreign tourists who have been accommodated in the Center Region has increased by 73.9%, in non-coastal areas it has increased by 60.2%, while an increase of 57% has been recorded by tourists who are accommodated in "Hotels and similar accommodations".

To summarize, in the month of February the highest number of visitors by region results in the center region with 66.3%, in non-coastal areas 69.7%, as well as in "Hotels and similar accommodations" with 96.4%.

But what do the numbers say about overnight stays?

The total number of overnight stays has increased by 53.2%, compared to February 2023. Meanwhile, the number of overnight stays of foreign visitors who have been accommodated in the central region has increased by 99.6%, in non-coastal areas this indicator is increased by 2.2 times, while the foreigners who were accommodated in "Hotels and similar accommodations" increased by 83.5%.

According to INSTAT, the occupancy rate of hotel rooms and similar structures is 16.7%, while the occupancy rate of hotel beds and similar structures is 15.2%.

The highest number of overnight stays in the center region was recorded at 67.3%, in non-coastal areas 69.1% and in accommodation structures 96.8%.