The decline of exports in the country. How is the relationship with the countries of the region?

2024-04-20 10:37:41Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The latest data on foreign trade from the "Institute of Statistics" show that exports in volume in March 2024 have suffered a decline due to the decrease in demand in international markets that has come as a result of unfavorable prices and the fall of the currency European.

'Scan Intel' has processed the data to understand how the trade relationship between the countries of the region has changed. According to the figures, Albania has increased its exports in value with two of its regional partners. Specifically, the value of exports with Bosnia and Herzegovina in March of this year reached nearly ALL 337 million, with Serbia exports touched the value of ALL 1 billion, while in North Macedonia and Kosovo the value of exports was nearly ALL 1.4 billion and ALL 3.3 billion, respectively. . On the other hand, compared to the same period a year ago, it turns out that our country exported 52 million ALL more goods with Serbia, while with Montenegro the value of exports decreased by 611 million ALL.

As for imports in value, Albania has strengthened relations only with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, from which we received more goods than a year ago, while with other countries the value of imports has decreased from 6.8% with Serbia to 27.5% with North Macedonia.

But how has foreign trade changed in terms of weight, i.e. in volume, between Albania and its regional partners? The data show that in March of this year, imports by weight have increased with all partner countries, except for Montenegro, from which we received 24.1% less goods. Accordingly, the share of imports with Bosnia and Herzegovina has increased by 29.3%, with Kosovo by 33.8%, with Serbia by 26.6% and with Montenegro by 19%.

In addition to the share of imports, the share of exports with the countries of the region has also changed. Specifically, our country increased the volume of goods exported to Bosnia and Herzegovina by 75.2%, to North Macedonia by 12.8%, to Serbia by 39% and to Kosovo by 2.2%. Meanwhile, with Montenegro, the volume of exports fell by 31.9%.