Due to the lack of sewage in the tourist areas, tenders are opened for Dhërmi and Jala

2024-04-20 10:06:54Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Despite being 2 of the most frequented tourist villages during the summer season, Dhërmiu and Jala suffer from the lack of sewage and wastewater treatment plants. Based on this situation, the National Water and Sewerage Agency has opened 2 tenders for the design of wastewater treatment plants for these 2 areas, with the aim of making the investment afterwards.

The tender that includes the Dhërmi area has a limit fund of about 35.9 million ALL, while for Jala, 22.7 million ALL, as interested companies can submit their offers until May 9. According to the tender documents, one of the biggest problems for the Jala area, but also for the entire Municipality of Himara, is the collection and processing of polluted water, which becomes very serious during the tourist season.

In this area, there is no sewerage network, where the solution for the removal of dirty water is done individually based on the septic tanks in the private property of each family. Meanwhile, due to the rocky character of the underground layers, there is no partial filtration or slow penetration in depth, affecting the pollution of underground water.

This is especially so when the water supply wells are located near septic tanks, thus constituting a permanent risk for the underground water basins that are used to supply drinking water to the local population.

Even for Dhërmi, it is emphasized that emergency intervention is necessary for the construction of the sewage infrastructure, in order to improve the quality of life of the residents and tourists who frequent it mainly in the summer season.

The selected consultants will have to prepare a detailed report and analysis on the identification of water needs and wastewater discharges until 2050, plan and design the entire project system and facilities, and carry out a cost estimate. for their realization.