What are the 10 most paid companies from the State Treasury? The builder of the Llogara Tunnel, the first for two years in a row

2024-04-20 09:28:38Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Open Data Albania has published the list of the most paid businesses through Treasury transactions during the 12 months of 2023. For the second year in a row, the company that builds the Llogara Tunnel is the one that received the highest amount of Treasury payments. For the company Simple INTEKAR - ASL , the Treasury has registered and executed 14 transactions with a total value of 8.27 billion lek, approximately 80.3 million euros. The Simple Intekar Society - Asl is the implementer of the works for the "Construction of the Llogara Tunnel" Project. The total value of the Llogara Tunnel construction contract without VAT is 17.04 billion ALL.

In second place is Kastrati SHPK , which has benefited through the State Treasury in the amount of 4.28 billion lek, or over 41.5 million euros, through 934 transactions. The collections of Kastrati sh.pk from the state budget were made for the supply of fuel and oil and these are different collections from the group with the same name and owner.

4 AM ranks third with ALL 3.48 billion benefited from the State Treasury for 2023. This company has consistent contracting activity in public works with the Albanian authorities. In 2023, the company won 6 public works with a total winning bid of 5.37 billion ALL.

The fourth place belongs to the company Gjoka 87 , which implements the concession contract for the construction and operation of Rruga e Arbri. During the 12 months of 2023, a total of 4 transactions worth 2.84 billion ALL were made for the Gjoka 87 company. 

Fusha sh.pk is the business that closes the list with the five biggest beneficiaries from the State Treasury for 2023. This year the company recorded 132 transactions worth 2.71 billion ALL. The company lists in its passport a long list of public contracts with the Albanian authorities, as well as shares in four concession companies.

The five most paid economic operators from the State Treasury for 2023, collect 63.7% of the total value of Treasury Transactions for the 10 largest beneficiaries, worth 21.59 billion ALL.

The Gjikuria company ranks sixth . In the company's passport there is a long list of public contracts with local and local government institutions, as well as the owner of the company that implements the concession contract for the construction of the road project on the road "Yacht Port - ByPass Orikum - Dukat (Saint Eliza Bridge) ". For the year 2023, the company benefited from 42 transactions worth 2.69 billion ALL. 

Infosoft Systems is ranked the 7th company according to the value of Treasury Transactions 2023 with a cash value of ALL 2.53 billion. The transactions carried out in favor of the company are for maintenance of computer systems and investments in software. 

The eighth place in the ranking belongs to Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG Albania , which implements the Trans Adriatic Pipeline TAP project in our country. The company has collected for 2023 two transfers in the amount of ALL 2.47 billion as a VAT refund.

In ninth place is ranked GPG Company , which has benefited for the year 2023 transfers in the amount of 2.31 billion ALL. With a wide portfolio of public works in its passport, this company is also a shareholder in two concessions of the Energy Sector, Hydro Works.

Rounding out the top ten companies that have benefited the most value of public money from the State Treasury in 2023 is the MSSC (Military System Supply Company) . For the year 2023, this company has registered and collected 32 transactions worth almost 2.3 billion ALL. The reasons for the payments to this company are the completion of armaments and the supply of ammunition.

In 2023, a total of 282,103 transactions with a total value of ALL 600.96 billion or over 5.8 billion euros were registered by budgetary institutions.

In the research done by Open Data, payments with beneficiary state institutions, or payments to second level banks, were excluded. Likewise, that transaction category that coincides with a transfer to a publicly owned company is excluded./ VoxNews

What are the 10 most paid companies from the State Treasury? The builder of the