How will the pension scheme change? Differentiated growth, refunds will also be reviewed

2024-04-18 10:37:19Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

From the evaluations of the pension scheme so far, the intervention for its improvement is expected to take place in several directions, starting from indexation, compensations and contributions for the self-employed in agriculture.

The details were conveyed by the deputy of the Socialist Party Pranvera Resulaj. From the studio of the "Box to Box" show, Resulaj said that the indexation, which is currently done based on the inflation rate, is expected to be differentiated, bringing a unified increase for everyone.

Concretely, an indexation measure of 3 or 4 percent does not bring the same income for one who is treated with a low pension and another who receives a maximum pension. The goal will be that the measure of the addition will be the same, therefore the indexation rate or value will be different.

Another component that is expected to be reviewed is the one related to the compensations that pensioners receive, which is also expected to increase. The scheme for the self-employed in rural areas will not be overlooked.

The government is looking at the possibility of mitigating the differences in the level of contributions that currently exist between the self-employed in the countryside and those in the city, by subsidizing the remainder. Through these changes, the stability of the scheme is aimed at, as well as a fairer distribution of support for this category.