The EU advances the railway for Corridor 8, the cost for the Albanian segments is 420 million euros

2024-04-17 10:40:08Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) recently announced that the European Commission is advancing the railway projects accompanying Corridor VIII.

The total cost of the railway from Durres to Bulgaria is estimated at 2 billion euros, of which about 420 million euros will be invested in the Albanian part in the two segments of the railway from Durres to Rrogozhin and then from Rrogozhin to the border with North Macedonia.

The information from WBIF shows that the projects in the Albanian part are in the preparatory phase. The railway network forms the internal east-west link between the Black Sea and the Ionian Sea, passing through Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Albania.

With the financial assistance of the EU for the preparation of projects and the co-financing of investments under the Economic Plan, North Macedonia and Albania are improving the existing lines and building the missing links along Corridor VIII.

The eastern stretch of Corridor VIII, which connects North Macedonia with Bulgaria and Albania, is part of the expansion of the main Trans-European Transport network.

The EU is implementing the "Global Gateway" strategy that connects countries and regions around the world, encouraging public and private investment in a global network of transport and supply chains.

In the transport sector, this strategy promotes infrastructure investments that create sustainable, smart, resilient, inclusive and safe modes of transport.

In this context, railways are receiving more and more attention, as it is considered a safer and more reliable network for transporting passengers and goods and with less impact on the environment.

Durrës - Rrogozhinë is the first segment of the Corridor VIII railway. This investment project will rebuild 33.5 km of railway line at a cost of 62 million euros, including electrification, signaling and telecommunication systems, from Durrës to Rrogozhinë.

The Western Balkans Investment Initiative clarifies that this project will be in line with EU standards and will enable faster journeys, reduce maintenance costs, improve safety and facilitate the movement of freight. and passengers from road to rail, boosting regional connectivity.

The railway line Rrogozhine-Border with North Macedonia is the second railway segment of Corridor VIII and concerns the rehabilitation of the entire railway line between Rrogozhine and Lini (120 km) as well as the construction of a 2.8 km railway link from Lini to the border with North Macedonia in Corridor VIII, with a cost of around 356 million euros.

The EU has provided technical assistance for the preparation of the project and co-finances the railway segments.