Oil in Shpirag, MIE: There is no closure of research

2024-04-15 14:10:12Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
MIE: There is no quest closure

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy has issued a press release stating that the process of research for oil and gas storage in the Shpirag area continues with the relevant difficulties as a result of the extremely complex geological formation of the underground of this area.

We are now at the stage when it is scientifically proven and documented, the discovery of a significant deposit of 225 million barrels of oil reserves, as well as a significant gas reserve in the underground of Shpirag. According to the ministry, oil quality tests in this reserve have given an excellent result.

"With a gravity that varies between 35-37o API (American Petroleum Institute) or in other words, a quality in almost the same parameters as the oil of avant-garde countries in the black gold market", says the MIE announcement.

The time to finalize the process of extracting this amount of oil for the market is conditioned by the very specific geology of the Shpirag subsoil and the adoption of a special technology for exploiting the reserve.

"That's why the Shell company, the specialists in the field, as well as the state authorities have been constantly careful about the necessary deadlines", the ministry announces.

MIE says the agreement with Shell remains in force.

"But in the conditions of disinformation in recent days, from the lack of necessary information or politically inspired malice, there is a need to publicly underline the truth that this is a hydrocarbon agreement in force and that there is no closure of research in Shpirag, but there is only the search for the right technological solution for exploiting an already discovered underground wealth. It is unfortunate that with a cynical haste some sources of disinformation have decided to announce the failure of research in one of the most important places of our country, trying to make party politics even with this completely technical process and clearly of national interest" , said MIE.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy clarified public opinion that the government continues to work, in interaction with partner companies, to finalize the process of using the oil discovered in the Shpirag area, "waiting for other good news in other oil-bearing areas in country, where there are very encouraging data".

MIE's reaction came after the Democratic Party declared that Shell has withdrawn from Shpiragu.

"The Shell company confirmed the final withdrawal from Shpirag wells. Unfortunately, there will be no further drilling and not even an 'oil miracle', as Rama lies. The news was almost officially confirmed by the avoidance of Rama and Balluk these months, whenever journalists asked about this issue", said earlier the member of the DP presidency, Eno Bozdo.