The tender is opened for the second phase of the construction of the Traffic Monitoring Center, the fund is 12 million euros

2024-04-13 11:13:51Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The Albanian Road Authority has opened the tender for the second phase of the construction of the Traffic Monitoring Center. The limit of the fund amounts to ALL 1.257 billion and it is predicted that the works will last two years.

In certain road segments, the Intelligent Transport System will be implemented and 6 toll collection stations will be built in the Llogara Tunnel.

About 213.7 km of roads selected with geographical priority for the implementation of the Intelligent Transport System in this second phase are:

Milot - Lezhë - Shkodër - Hani i Hoti 76.3 km

Levan - Tepelen - Gjirokastër - Kakavije 110.8 km

Orikum – Dukat (entrance to the tunnel) 14.7 km

Tunnel Llogara - Palasa 7.4 km

Palas - Dhërmi 4.5 km.

The main components of the project are systems, works and installations on the road, as well as communication systems with points on the road. The installations at the control points will consist of the construction of metal bridges over the road, the installation of monitoring and signaling devices, the connection of the installations with the electrical and IT network. LPR cameras for license plate reading will be placed and installed on the bridge (in its lower part) and on pyramid-shaped concrete columns.