Euro "in free fall". How is this week ending for major currencies?

2024-04-12 11:50:33Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The American dollar closed this week positively as it was bought this morning at 94.2 Lek and was sold at 95.2 Lek according to the local exchange rate.

The European currency weakened again this Friday, closing this week negatively as it was bought today at 101.1 Lek and sold at 101.8 Lek.

The Swiss franc registered a slight increase in the quota this weekend as it was bought today at 103.2 Lek and was sold at 104.2 Lek.

Referring to the domestic foreign exchange market, the British pound has not suffered significant value fluctuations as it continues to be bought today at 117.9 allek and sold at 119 allek as yesterday.