What will happen to speedboats and jet skis this season? Operators no longer licensing, but certification

2024-04-12 14:25:22Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Following the preparations for this year's season, all operators that exercise water activities for tourist purposes must be certified, in order to avoid incidents and guarantee a safe and standard tourism.

The Ministry of Tourism and Environment has issued for public consultation the draft law on changes in maritime tourism activities, with the aim of facilitating the procedures for the exercise of activities in this field.

The certification of subjects for the exercise of activities as a marine tourism operator, initially required the equipment with the tourist operator's license. Due to the fact that the marine tourism operator and the tourist operator are not the same person, but perform different activities and the licensing in the first place as a tourist operator overloads the subjects with procedures, it has been decided to abolish the licensing process at the CKB. Operators who will carry out marine tourism activities will only be subject to the certification process, without the need to be licensed as tourist operators.

Marine tourism activities practiced by marine tourism operators are pleasure boating, fishing, diving and other water activities. While tour operators work on designing and organizing a pre-planned and promoted trip/package.

During the past years, the summer tourist season in Albania has been constantly accompanied by incidents that have resulted in death. These incidents have highlighted the problems related to the lack of equipment of navigation tools with regular documents or the lack of certification of marine tourism operators that offer the services of speedboats, water motors or jetskis.