Albania-Kosovo common energy market, "plan B" if the union does not produce results

2024-04-15 13:15:40Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

As February 1 of this year marked the unification of the energy markets between Albania and Kosovo, the operators of the transmission system of the 2 countries have drawn up backup rules in case of failure of the sale and purchase of energy in the common bidding area.

According to the drafted document, it is said that backup procedures will be implemented in case the process of joining the electricity market of the day in advance Albania - Kosovo is not able to produce results.

More specifically, it is specified that in this case, OST and KOSTT will initiate the reserve procedure of the day in advance and will start the execution of shadow auctions. Shadow auction means an explicit auction organized through the allocation platform through which daily cross-zonal capacity is offered as a backup procedure of the Albania-Kosovo advance day electricity market unification process.

This auction is allocated to market participants who submit bids. According to the document, shadow auctions are held seven days a week, including weekends and public holidays.

However, according to the document, the reserve procedures on the Albania-Kosovo border contribute and do not hinder the achievement of the objectives for the continuity of the operation of the organized day-advance market and ensure a transparent and non-discriminatory approach to facilitating the allocation of inter-zonal capacities in case the process of the market merger of the previous day is not able to produce results.