"Salted" obligations, 169 free professions, prepayment of profit tax from 15-23 percent

2024-04-16 13:12:04Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Over 29,000 businesses, which according to the law in force belong to the group of free professions, have been sent by the tax administration the obligations that they must prepay on the profit, taking into consideration the income of the year 2023.

According to the new law on "Income Tax", from January 1, 2024, all commercial or self-employed individuals categorized in 26 types of activities will no longer be treated as a small business with 0% tax. Those who secure an annual income of up to 14 million ALL will be taxed at 15%, while those with an income over 14 million ALL will pay 23% tax.

The approved list of free professions, which will have to pay income tax, includes a total of 169 professions.

This list includes real estate appraisers, lawyers, attorneys, accountants, architects, surveying agencies, advertising agencies, veterinary services, car rental services, rental of other items, employment agencies, travel agencies, human resources assurance, tour operators, photographers, videographers, program producers, audio recorders for music, IT activities, insurers, financiers, financial intermediaries, film producers, office administration, call centers, organizers of events, conferences, teachers, doctors, dentists, specialist doctor, health care centers for the elderly, care centers for the mentally retarded, nurses, sports, creative, recreational activities, entertainment activities. etc.

The positive effect on the state budget from this new tax regime is estimated at around 30 million euros. The introduction of this category into the taxation system according to the Ministry of Finance was made because many free professionals offered their services to different companies while not paying tax because they are registered as natural persons.