Will the price of bread rise further? On Labor Day, the new energy price scheme for bakeries is applied

2024-04-16 13:43:14Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Starting from May 1, bakeries that also sell pastry, dough products or have coffee shops will pay according to the new scheme for electricity bills.

The Energy Regulatory Body approved the changes proposed by the Electricity Distribution Operator, while according to the new scheme, 3 different bands will be applied, depending on the activity of these entities.

The only ones that are not affected by the change in the electricity price are the bakeries, which do not have any other integrated activity, where the price will continue to be 7.6 allek/kih. Meanwhile, for those premises that have bread ovens, pastry products or other dough products, the price that will be applied will be 9.5 lek/kg.

The third category includes those premises that are more extended and include bar and coffee, for which the price will be 12 ALL/kwh. Currently, all these enterprises were charged at 7.6 ALL/kg, which was a preferential price in order not to affect the costs on the price of bread.

However, concern has been raised for a long time that many of the bakeries operate as real businesses, selling dairy products, while in some cases the coffee bar service has also been added.

For this reason, it has been emphasized that these enterprises must now pay more for electricity, without harming competition. The new charging scheme for these subjects was agreed earlier between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and the association representing these subjects.