How many foreign businesses are registered in Albania at the beginning of 2024?

2024-04-20 12:56:19Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Foreign businesses that develop their activity in Albania have seen an increase during the first months of this year. Referring to the data of Open Data Albania, in the period January-March, 366 foreign businesses were registered. Meanwhile, during 2023 this figure reached 1419.

But, comparing it with the year 2022, the figure has marked a significant increase with 468 more registered businesses with 100% foreign nationality.

Of course, Albanian businesses lead the way, reaching 4,896 registered in the first months of this year, while in 2023 a total of 16,577 businesses with Albanian nationality were registered. But there are no joint businesses, that is, Albanian and foreign businesses, where only 58 have been registered so far.

In the year we left behind, 301 joint businesses were registered, a figure which has grown by comparing it with 2022, where only 154 were registered.

The same data report that only one Albanian state business has been registered so far, but this figure in 2023 reached up to 6 such registered ones.