Tunnel and air passengers

2024-07-07 12:08:10Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA NGA ALADIN STAFA

By Aladin Staff

The tourism industry has taken a non-random surge in recent years in Albania, and as a result has brought not only the mention of Albania's name among prestigious world magazines, but also a considerable economic development due to the engines of lit in this sector.

Perhaps seemingly due to the inertia of the new times or perhaps something unplanned?

The opposite is true; tourism seems to have been one of the goals of the government's draft projects, convincingly focusing on it. Although in other areas of the economy we will still have to wait to reach where we want, tourism is one of those sectors that is moving at a pleasing pace.

At a level so that we can compare with our neighbors who have this tradition firmly stabilized over the decades.

Tourism is undoubtedly one of the main sectors of the world economy. Even in certain countries, it is a vital component of the economy. There are many advantages that tourism brings to different countries. Some of them are income, infrastructure developments, creation of new jobs, as well as cultural exchange between foreigners and citizens. 

Albania, beyond its potential and thanks to its natural beauty, for years could not monetize this treasure by not investing enough not only in infrastructure but also in qualification. 

Also coming from a long and tiring isolation, with a weak culture to accept the stranger, difficult and harsh in communication not only with the unknown, its journey to reach these levels and figures that we see today , has not been without obstacles.

This year and the one we left behind will be remembered in our history as two years that brought not only Europeans but citizens from all over the world to us, changing once and for all the image and equally the myth that we are a country of dangerously.

Little Albania, already considered by the most famous tabloids as the hidden pearl of the Western Balkans, is realizing day by day that tourism is the only hope to ease breathing, after the economic difficulties that Covid-19 and the conflicts that arose, left behind .

With the awareness of the government as it is the one that leads the infrastructural, managerial and marketing initiative as well, there has come a new spirit in the population, with the motivation to enter the free labor market by increasing the supply, coping with the demand and the extraordinary flow.

We recall here the statistics which show us that only last month we saw 1 million foreign tourists enter through Rinas. A given that years ago seemed like a distant dream. This outstanding figure surpasses last year's June passenger count of 667,521, marking an increase of 61.6%% year-on-year.

Tourism is nothing but the offer of a country to access the natural beauties of a country as easily as possible, to enable a stay and to present its tradition and history. All these factors require a large investment in infrastructure, as we can highlight the newly opened tunnel of Llogara, henceforth one of the longest in the country, making possible the quick connection of Vlora with the Albanian Riviera.

But not only. The construction and development of areas both on the coast and in the city is also playing an important role in the accommodation of tourists. And yet, Albania still remains a developing country, which means that its recovery cycle has just begun. And the work that needs to be done is big and equally big will have to be the effort to free ourselves from the old mindsets for each of us, if one day we want to be like "Them".

Because as Aristotle said, the state will become a state only when the united mass (governments and people) are able to meet all their common needs.

But of course, this change first starts with the individual. It is the main factor that makes the difference and brings development.