Why do Manet, Castrates and their ilk do NOTHING for the citizens of this country?

2022-12-05 09:09:00Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA FATOS TARIFA
Fatos Tariff

Could it happen that the richest people in this country, the Manets, the Castrates and their ilk, build public libraries, theaters, museums and concert halls for the public of their country?!

Why, even after 100 years, do we not see today a Thoma Turtulli, who donated the city library, the cinema, the high school and the hospital to his Korça?

Why Mane, Kastrati and those who are competing with them for who heads the list of the richest Albanians do NOTHING for the citizens of this country, for its youth -- neither public schools, nor libraries, nor theaters, nor museums, nor movie theaters -- Nothing.

In America, in England, in Holland, and elsewhere, the vain projects of rich men have often been public goods just like these.

Great Albanian capitalists, you who invested your wealth in just two or three decades, starting from nothing, be a little vain for the public good, not just for your ego and that of your families!

Be a little Thoma Turtull, so that even 100 years after you left this life without taking any of your possessions with you, Albanians will remember you well and speak with respect about you.